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“Trust is good, control is better” is a maxim that is old, but true. Therefore, Banner accessories create professional certainty regarding the status of any type of battery, simplify maintenance, carry out charging and if required, provide starting assistance. Our comprehensive programme includes chargers, starting devices, testing devices and service items. In fact, all Banner accessories are targeted fully on the retention of the optimum performance and long service life of starter and industrial batteries.  


Industrial Batteries


Thinking in terms of customer advantages constitutes Banner’s number one priority.

Accordingly, we offer comfort services to make your life easier.





Original spare parts are the only means of avoiding premature wear. They also offer optimum safety, minimum downtimes and the retention of reliable stand-by readiness.


Banner provides a comprehensive spare part service, which due to our extremely modern, trans-European computing network, also guarantees high levels of availability.



Banner does not simply supply its customers with repairs. Instead, customer can put a service package together in line with their specific needs. Therefore, you can take your choice between regular maintenance, or the battery support package on a quarterly, half-yearly or annual basis. In other words, you select the frequency and thus the cost of servicing. Moreover, should a defect occur, this is no problem as the service hotlines in each national sales market mean that a highly qualified and experienced engineer will be immediately at your service.



Expand your capacity fast and in the short term.
Banner short-term rental. Creating capacity fast.
Bottlenecks at peak periods? Not enough batteries?

No problem. With Banner short-term rental, you have everything you need to cover periods of peak demand and to bridge stoppage times and downtimes due to failure. Simply hire as much additional capacity as you need at any one time. For one day, one week, one month – however long you require. Within no time at all, your Banner hire battery will be ready for you to use in tip-top technical condition.

All you have to pay throughout the entire hire period is a fixed price per month, week or day. Repair and maintenance are included.

Your local Banner sales office will arrange the details to suit you.

Banner short-term rental. Always by your side.


Lasting success that you do not need to buy.

Banner extended rental. Rent and come off best in the long run.


Are you looking to focus entirely on your transport tasks, instead of investing large amounts of capital and effort in your own energy packages (batteries, chargers, accessories, energy requirement analyses, etc.)?

If so, extended rentals from Banner represent the ideal answer. Every type of service from repairs to maintenance is included in the rental from the outset and therefore you are free of any residual value and repair risks. You can thus calculate a fixed monthly price for the entire rental period.


Your local Banner specialist will provide you with tailor-made details. 
Banner extended rentals. Always at your service.