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Traction Bull Nass

3 PzB 225

3 PzB 225
Fits the following applications


The wet Traction Bull is a lead-acid battery containing liquid electrolyte. It is used wherever long service life, great reliability, high performance and cyclical resistance are required. The powerful, cost-effective and environment-friendly wet Traction Bull offers an extremely diverse range of applications.


Filling system

In order to automatically replace the water consumed during electrolysis, Banner Trac Bull batteries can be fitted with a filling system that allows quick, safe and clean refilling. This system prevents complicated servicing and prolongs battery life.


Electrolyte circulation

In the case of extreme burdens, a pump module ensures homogenous mixing during charging and thus prevents electrolyte and temperature stratification. In practical terms this means 20% less energy consumption, cuts in charging times of up to 30% and a reduction in water consumption of as much as 80%

Antriebsbatterie, Traktionsbatterie, Staplerbatterie, Nassbatterie



  • High cyclical resistance
  • Tubular plate technology
  • Long service life

Technical details

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