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Certified quality!
New ISO certificates are online - already for (almost) every battery type, see Downloads.
Banner possesses the latest ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF* 16949 (in the past ISO/TS) quality certification.

The related accreditation procedure involves the precise audit of all company processes of relevance to quality.


The systematic focus on the realization of maximum customers advantages is also our main objective in this connection.



PDF ISO 9001:2015 EN


PDF ISO 14001:2015 EN


PDF IATF *16949:2016 EN 


*IATF = International Automotive Task Force

New batteries and technologies!
New products! New technologies!
Banner Batterien will launch new products in the passenger car segment and new product technologies in the commercial/municipal vehicle segment in April 2018!
Our focus lies in market- and customer-oriented product development.

Consequently, we are intensively engaged in the EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) technology, which is currently becoming the market standard.

As a result, we have expanded our EFB product range in the passenger car segment! Our product families Running Bull EFB and Running Bull EFB ASIA have thus grown by another 6 types!

We have further oriented ourselves to the needs of our customers in the conventional automotive battery sector. Our satisfied Power Bull customers can now upgrade and boost their performance and switch to the new Power Bull PROfessional to ensure even more power! From now on we offer 3 further battery types in the T-Box, with a total height of 175 mm.


EFB technology now also in the commercial vehicle sector!
We can now proudly present our new technology in the commercial vehicle segment. With the 2 new battery types Buffalo Bull EFB we can guarantee our customers fullest power and full COMFORT with ever greater energy requirements, especially in long-distance trucks.


But we have not only thought about our customers in long-distance trucks, but also about customers who face completely different challenges. For example in municipal and special vehicles, where immediate and strongest power is required at high towing loads! Therefore we have extended our product range with another technology or 2 new battery types and we proudly introduce the new Buffalo Bull HIGH CURRENT battery in April!


Ultimately, we are constantly striving to ensure attractive performance values for our battery types and to continuously offer added value to our existing and satisfied customers. Due to product, process and production optimizations, we were able to sustainably improve and increase the cold start values for some battery types! In addition, we are introducing further battery chargers that are perfectly matched to our batteries.


You can find more information about the new products in our product categories! Have fun browsing our website and good luck with the new batteries from Banner!


PDF Type list starter batteries english - Export


PDF Type list starter batteries german - Austria


PDF Banner Batterien will launch new products in the passenger car segment and new product technologies in the commercial/municipal vehicle segment in April 2018!


New type/part numbers from 1 April 2018 onwards!
Running Bull EFB batteries.
With amended new type/part numbers from 1 April 2018 onwards!
Apart from enlarging our programme, the type/part number system in the EFB segment has been subjected to overall optimisation with the aim of excluding any future confusion with other Bull product variations.

Therefore, the ideal solution is to immediately cross-reference the "old" and new type/part numbers in your goods management system.  


The following Running Bull EFB type/product number changes will apply to orders from 1 April 2018 onwards:



Changes in brief:

EFB 560 00 / 012560000101 is replaced by EFB 560 11 / 012560110101.
EFB 565 00 / 012565000101 is replaced by EFB 565 15 / 012565150101.
EFB 565 01 / 012565010101 is replaced by EFB 565 16 / 012565160101.
EFB 570 00 / 012570000101 is replaced by EFB 570 11 / 012570110101.
EFB 595 00 / 012595000101 is replaced by EFB 595 15 / 012595150101.


Accucharger, Ladegeräte, Lader, Erhaltungsladegeräte
Charging the car battery after the winter cold - that´s how it works!
Battery-tip: Charging inside the vehicle.
After the sometimes extreme low temperatures of February/March, the optimal time for a battery check and an external equalisation charge has now come. At the latest when the tyres are changed in spring.
That´s how you do it right!

The next two points apply to conventional wet batteries, including EFB technology.


– Before charging, check the electrolyte level and top up if necessary with deionized or distilled water to the maximum acid level mark or to 15 mm above the upper edge of the plates.

- The battery screws must not remain open during charging and should be closed again.


Running Bull AGM/BackUp. AGM batteries may not be opened. Acid density measurement and topping up with distilled water are neither possible nor necessary.


– Batteries must only be charged with direct current. Connect the positive (+) battery terminal to the positive (+) terminal of the charger, and the negative (-) battery terminal to the negative (-) terminal of the charger.
– Do not switch on the charger until after the battery has been connected. When charging is finished, switch off the charger before disconnecting the battery.
– It is recommended that the charging current be equal to one tenth of the capacity. (e.g. 44 Ah divided by 10 = 4.4 A charging current). With an automatic charger such as the Banner Accucharger, this setting is automatic, as the name suggests. 
– The temperature of the acid must not exceed 55 °C during charging. If the temperature rises above 55 °C, the charging process must be discontinued.
– Charging is finished if the current drops to 0 or stops falling, or if the automatic charger switches off.
– Charging must be performed in a well-ventilated room.

Caution: Detonating gas is formed during charging! Fires, sparks, open flames and smoking are strictly prohibited!


Running Bull AGM/BackUp: Only recharge with a voltage controlled Banner Accucharger (max. 14.8V)! The use of standard, non-voltage controlled chargers will destroy the battery through overloading and cause the electrolyte to escape!


Further valuable tips regarding Banner batteries in compact form - see Technical Guide (page 46 charging tips).



Recharging batteries in the vehicle.
As a rule, fully automatic chargers (max. charging voltage 14.8V) are well suited to the charging of batteries installed in the vehicle. Should the charger have an automatic mode with > 15.9V voltages, the battery must be separated from the vehicle electrical system or removed from the vehicle. Otherwise, in a worst-case scenario the installed control devices can be destroyed due to overvoltage with huge resultant damage.
Please take careful note of the battery charger type. Useful tips regarding charging in the vehicle are often contained in the operating instructions of the vehicle manufacturer or those of the charger producer.


AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat, which absorbs the battery acid and thus binds it in.
EFB = Enhanced Flooded Battery, the cycle-resistant starter battery.