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Our Locations


In order that top customer service is guaranteed, Banner has its own 22 branches in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Denmark, the UK, Poland, Slovakia, Romania, Bulgaria and Spain.
In all other export markets (remainder of Europe and some African and Asian states), Banner sells its products via direct importers.


Please choose a country from the map or from the noted countries below, so you can see our locations. 




Kostenlose Banner Servicenummer aus dem Festnetz: 0800/77 10 100


Die Öffnungszeiten unserer deutschen Verkaufsniederlassungen sind wie folgt:


Mo - Do: 8:00 - 12:00 Uhr und 13:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Fr: 8:00 - 12:00 Uhr und 13:00 - 15:00 Uhr


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Die Öffnungszeiten unserer österreichischen Verkaufsniederlassungen sind wie folgt:


Mo - Do: 7:45 - 12:00 Uhr und 13:00 - 17:00 Uhr

Fr: 7:45 - 12:00 Uhr und 13:00 - 15:00 Uhr


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Die Öffnungszeiten unserer Schweizer Verkaufsniederlassung sind wie folgt:

Mo. - Fr.     7.30 - 12 Uhr, 13 - 17 Uhr

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Banner Baterii Bulgaria EOOD / Баннер Батерии Б-я ЕООД
Ul. Ljublana 46, J&L Center, 1. Stock / Ул. Любляна 46, J&L Center, ет. 1.
BG-1618 Sofia / София

Phone: +359/2/889 01 20
Fax: +359/2/889 01 21
Banner Batterier Danmark ApS
Silovej 14
DK-2690 Karlslunde

Phone: +45/70 20 60 61

Firmenbuch-Nr: DK53205119

Banner Batterien Deutschland GmbH
Kesselbodenstr. 3
D-85391 Allershausen (München)

Phone: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23000
Fax: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23099

Firmenbuch-Nr: HRB 64401
Firmenbuchgericht: Amtsgericht München, Landkreis Freising

Geschäftsführer: Andreas Bawart, Thomas Bawart
USt-IdNr: DE128945749

Banner Batterien Deutschland GmbH - Verkaufsniederlassung
Lise-Meitner-Str. 5
D-41515 Grevenbroich (Düsseldorf)

Phone: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23500
Fax: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23599

Banner Batterien Deutschland GmbH - Verkaufsniederlassung
Am Schwingbach 14-16
D-35625 Hüttenberg/Rechtenbach (Frankfurt)

Phone: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23100
Fax: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23199

Banner Batterien Deutschland GmbH - Verkaufsniederlassung
Friedrich-Bückling-Str. 21
D-16816 Neuruppin (Berlin)

Phone: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23400
Fax: +49/(0)6441/30 73-23499
Banner France SAS
Zone Industrielle No. 2 - 5, Rue Vauban
F-68170 Rixheim

Phone: +33/(0)3 89/44 28 38
Fax: +33/(0)3 89/54 13 28

Firmenbuch-Nr: B 388466526
Tax ID: FR74388466526

Banner Ile de France - Succursale
ZI du Vert Galand - 1, Rue de la Garenne
F-95310 Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône

Phone: 01/47 94 32 75
Fax: 01/47 98 05 19

Banner Toulouse - Succursale
15, Rue du Terroir
F-31150 Fenouillet

Phone: 05/61 32 72 11
Fax: 05/61 32 88 94

Banner Lyon - Succursale
26, Rue Monseigneur Ancel
F-69800 Saint Priest

Phone: 04/78 83 07 61
Fax: 04/78 90 28 59
Banner Batteries (GB) Ltd.
Units 5-8 Canal View Business Park, Wheelhouse Road, Rugeley
UK-WS15 1UY Staffordshire

Phone: +44/(0)1889/57 11 00
Fax: +44/(0)1889/57 73 42

Firmenbuch-Nr: 3351420
Firmenbuchgericht: Birmingham
Tax ID: GB688118401

Banner GmbH
Business Unit Automotive
Banner Straße 1
A-4021 Linz

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-0

Zur Kontaktanfrage

Firmenbuch-Nr: FN 286124x
Firmenbuchgericht: Linz
UID-Nummer: ATU62962379

Banner GmbH
Business Unit Energy Solutions
Am Thalbach 21
A-4600 Thalheim bei Wels

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-0

Zur Kontaktanfrage

Firmenbuch-Nr: FN 286124x
Firmenbuchgericht: Linz
UID-Nummer: ATU62962379

Banner Batterien Österreich GmbH
Banner Straße 1
A-4021 Linz

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-21602

Zur Kontaktanfrage

Firmenbuch-Nr: FN 319173y
Firmenbuchgericht: Linz
UID-Nummer: ATU64554468

Banner/EAST PENN Battery Services GmbH
Banner Straße 1
A-4021 Linz

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-0
Fax: +43/(0)732/38 88-21399

Banner Kunststoffwerk GmbH
Traunauweg 22
A-4030 Linz

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-21800
Fax: +43/(0)732/38 88-21850
Banner Batterien Österreich GmbH - Verkaufsniederlassung
Kärntner Str. 168
A-8053 Graz

Phone: +43/(0)316/27 21 52-22100

Banner Batterien Österreich GmbH - Verkaufsniederlassung
Bundesstr. 4
A-6063 Innsbruck/Rum

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-21602
Banner Batterien Österreich GmbH - Verkaufsniederlassung
Bäckerfeldstr. 11
A-4050 Traun

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-21602

Banner Batterien Österreich GmbH - Verkaufsniederlassung
Lamezanstr. 5
A-1232 Wien

Phone: +43/(0)732/38 88-21602
Banner Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Gliwicka 234
PL-40861 Katowice

Phone: +48/(0)32/203 72 45
Fax: +48/(0)32/203 72 46

Firmenbuch-Nr: REGON 276594830,

Reg-Nr. 16693
Firmenbuchgericht: Katowice
Tax ID: PL9542301062

Banner Baterii Romania s.r.l.
B-dul Biruinţei nr. 67
RO-077145 Pantelimon, jud. llfov

Phone: +4/021/3000 627, +4/021/310 11 49
Fax: +4/021/3000 637

Firmenbuch-Nr: J23/947/2008
Firmenbuchgericht: Bucharest
Tax ID: RO19062446

Banner Batterien Schweiz AG
Batteries Banner Suisse SA
Bannerstrasse 1
CH-5746 Walterswil

Phone: 062 789 89 89
Banner Batterien Schweiz AG - Verkaufsniederlassung
Bannerstrasse 1
CH-5746 Walterswil

Phone: 062 789 89 89
Banner Baterie SR, s.r.o.
Vajnorská 134/B
SK-83104 Bratislava 3

Phone: +421/(0)2/43 63 43 44
Fax: +421/(0)2/43 42 18 74

Firmenbuch-Nr: ICO 358 33 688
Firmenbuchgericht: Bratislava
Tax ID: SK2020286862

Banner Baterie ČR spol, s.r.o.
Uhříněves, Přátelství 1011
CZ-10400 Praha 10

Phone: +420/267 090-510
Fax: +420/267 090-522

Firmenbuch-Nr: 48539953
Firmenbuchgericht: C/19517 Praha
Tax ID: CZ48539953

Banner Akü San. ve Tic. Ltd. Şti.
Çobançeşme Mah. Sanayi Cad. No:44; Nish İstanbul Residence C Blok Daire:70
TR-34196 Bahçelievler - İstanbul

Phone: +90/212/877 85 10
Fax: +90/212/879 29 72

Firmenbuchgericht: İstanbul / TR
Tax ID: Bakırköy V.D. 1400 352 422

Banner Batterien Hungária Kft
Ipari park, Jedlik Ányos u. 6
H-2330 Dunaharaszti

Phone: +36/24/49 18 91
Fax: +36/24/49 18 92

Firmenbuch-Nr: 13-09-069111
Firmenbuchgericht: Budapest
Tax ID: HU10981605

Banner Baterías España, S.L.
Hilanderas 5, Nave C
Pol. Ind. Los Angeles
28905 Getafe

Phone: +34 911 081 608

Banner batteries

Top quality since 1937



As a leading European battery brand, Banner manufactures and markets starter batteries and industrial batteries for drive systems and electricity supply, all of which possess premium quality. 


Banner is an independent, Austrian, family-owned company and an international player, which in the third generation is managed by Andreas and Thomas Bawart (r.). The company has long-term experience in the manufacture and sale of starter batteries, industrial batteries and battery accessories.


With its production facilities in Linz-Leonding, Banner possesses one of the most modern and environment-friendly battery plants in Europe. Banner supplies leading automotive producers such as BMW, VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes, Rolls-Royce, Seat, Aston Martin, Suzuki, Volvo, Kässbohrer and Liebherr, to name but a few. 


For the past 80 years, the famous buffalo symbol has represented the production of batteries that meet the strictest quality standards and a workforce of 805 jointly ensures lasting success.

Banner produces batteries

in OEM quality



... original standard power packs for many areas of the retrofitting market such as cars, boats, forklifts, lifting platforms, emergency electricity supply systems, etc.



Banner is certified


Banner thus demonstrates that its claim to quality is at the top of its agenda. Banner implements technical developments in partnership with automotive manufacturers and therefore these innovations are available virtually simultaneously in both the OEM segment and the retrofittng market.  


Banner possesses certifications according to the latest ISO 9001, IATF 16949 and ISO 14001 quality standards and during the accreditation process all company processes of relevance to quality are strictly scrutinised and evaluated. Moreover, complete adherence to these standards is controlled at regular intervals. Consequently, Europe's leading automobile and touring clubs such as ANWB (NL), AvD (D), TCS (CH), ACP (PT) and Stiftung Warentest Deutschland are also convinced by Banner quality.  





Certificate ISO 14001
Certificate ISO 9001
Certificate IATF 16949
Certificate ISO 14001
Energy Solutions
Certificate ISO 9001
Energy Solutions
Banner Kundennähe, Verkaufsfahrer,

Banner customer proximity

in over 70 countries


Banner is a leading international battery producer and in over 70 European, African and Asian countries its name represents a byeword for profesional customer service and first class consulting. These are avilable on both a regional and direct local basis, as Banner constantly feels a fundamental obligation towards its customers/partners and innovation.  


Banner is represented in the following 13 nations with 22 branches, which thus guarantees outstanding customer support: Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, Czech Rep., Hungary, Denmark, UK, Poland, Slovak Rep., Romania, Bulgaria and Spain. In all other export markets (the remaining European states and many nations in Africa and Asia) Banner sells its products via direct importers.   


As a result of its closely knit sales network, Banner always has its finger on the pulse of its markets, a fact that is not only estimated by leading automotive manufacturers.


corporate philosophy



Banner embodies the following values and every day newly gives its all:

  • Techical perfection and optimum service represent the number one priority. 
  • Product development is always targeted on customer advantages! CUSTOMER ORIENTATION
  • The top quality and advanced technology of Banner products such as the starter batteries serve to generate enthusiasm. EFFICIENCY AND PERFORMANCE
  • Employee interests and competences are promoted and enhanced through further training in order to ensure lasting company success and the provision of secure employment. OPENNESS AND LEARNING
  • Attractiveness as an employer is achieved through fair remuneration, varied areas of activity and opportunities for personal development. RELIABILITY AND FAIRNESS
  • First and foremost, a reliable, long-term partner with high quality standards, stable production and punctual delivery. TEAM PLAYER & STABLE
  • Continual research and development is carried out in cooperation with partners in their areas of expertise because Banner is resolutely determined to maintain its competences. INNOVATION AND COMPETENCE
  • Banner has a strong awareness of its ecological responsibilities. With a closed production loop and ongoing investments, we ensure both a clean production location and hence a safeguarded environment. SUSTAINABILITY
  • Banner is INDEPENDENT and thus FLEXIBLE.

Agenda 2030

The future starts now!


In 2020, Banner launched a change process as part of the 2030 Agenda and formulated flagship initiatives for future challenges such as e-mobility, sustainability, innovation and technology. Because one thing is clear, our decisions today deliver the power of tomorrow.

A flow of

patented solutions


Uncompromising quality assurance and the latest patented technologies represent the reasons why Banner currently supplies leading automotive manufacturers with starter batteries. 



Patente, Musterschutz,






The decisive maxims relating to innovation and quality consciousness back every single Banner battery.


Patents for success


* AccuSafe: this patented leak protection systems ensures absolute safety.

* The Double Top lid: 100% leak-proof, roll-over test certified, improved backfire protection and EFD* safety level

* AGM* vale stopper: guarantees extremely high operational safety owing to the fact that the safety valve only opens in the case of extreme overcharging (water and oxygen emissions alone).


* ESD = electrostatic discharge
** AGM = absorbent glass mat. Battery acid is absorbed in the glass fibres and thus binds it in.



Banner received the 2021 Eucusa Award for outstanding customer dedication

A long-standing commitment to excellent customer dedication pays off at Banner. In this regard, we received the international 2021 EUCUSA Award for the first time at the 18th EUCUSA Summer Talks in Vienna.

Eucusa Award 2021
Banner nominated for the Daimler Supplier Award

During the nomination process for its 2015 Supplier Awards, the Daimler AG selected Banner as one of its top three in the “Quality” Category.


Banner was nominated for an award in the “Quality” Category as one of only three suppliers worldwide and the company’s Technical CEO, Thomas Bawart, was present at the presentation ceremony in Stuttgart, which he described as: “A very special honour”.

He went on to say that: “This nomination is confirmation of our adopted strategy for success and underlines the importance of partnerships with innovative companies such as Daimler.”

Daimler Supplier Award
The Banner Power Bull wins the 2012 Stiftung Warentest and ADAC conventional starter battery tests

Banner Power Bull wins the Stiftung Warentest and ADAC 2012 conventional starter battery test.


In its 2012 battery test, in cooperation with the German automobile club ADAC, Stiftung Warentest awarded the Banner 

Power Bull P72 09 battery a “Very Good” (1.4) rating. This was the first occasion in the new millennium that the test panel had allocated a top “Very Good” rating for a starter battery. 


In addition, the Austrian starter battery specialist also entered its Running Bull EFB and AGM start/stop batteries for what is undoubtedly Europe's toughest and most independent battery test and emerged with two “Goods”.  

Top “Good” rating for the Banner Power Bull battery

In the 2011 ÖAMTC battery test, the Banner Power Bull P72 09 battery was given a “Good” and thus the top rating that the organisation awards in such assessments. The power pack from the starter battery specialist Banner convinced the Austrian automobile club right down the line in what represents the toughest of independent battery tests.     



Banner wins BEST Award

DaimlerChrysler honours Banner with its BEST Award 2006.

Banner wins the Stiftung Warentest 11/2004 test!

A Power Bull 62 Ah battery bearing the buffalo symbol took first place! For the second time Banner is „iFa Supplier of the Year".


Banner is the Supplier of the Year

Banner is the British iFa Group's (Independent Motor Trade Factors Associated Ltd.) “iFa Solus Supplier of the Year 2003”. 

Daimler Chrysler honours Banner with its Silver Award 2002

.. a third such award following 1997 and 2001!

Audi AG quality award

Audi AG presents Banner with its coveted Quality Award for 1999.

Audi AG awards supplier rating

AUDI AG awards Banner the Formel Q supplier rating, i.e. excellent serial supplier for the second time.

Quality assessment by Stiftung Warentest Germany

Banner starter batteries receive a “Good” rating for quality and a “Very Good” for service life in a test carried out by Stiftung Warentest in Germany. 



Stiftung Warentest Deutschland awards Banner a “Very Good” rating

Banner is the only foreign starter battery manufacturer to be allocated a “Very Good” rating in Germany by Stiftung Warentest. 



The Austrian national coat-of-arms

... was awarded to Banner in recognition of its first class production facilities and resultant export successes.