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NEW: Running Bull EFB PRO Battery 575 11

Starter and on-board battery for modern start-stop cars with a high need for energy

The new Running Bull EFB PRO meets the specifications for start-stop car batteries of leading German car manufacturers such as BMW and VW.

  • Up to 270,000 engine starts
  • Original quality for retrofitting
  • 3 types are available with 65 Ah, 75 Ah and 85 Ah capacity
  • Increased capacity (Ah) and cold start properties (A/EN)
  • Also increasingly used as an auxiliary battery (backup) in electric cars!
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Information on the marketing of motorbike batteries
EU regulation (2019/1148)
The EU Regulation (2019/1148) comes into effect since February 1st 2021 and affects private persons and economic operators, who produce, import, market, provide or trade in explosives precursors.

This means that with this Regulation, the sale of separate sulphuric acid packs for dry, pre-charged batteries to members of the general public is forbidden from February 1st 2021! In the Banner Bike Bull range all Bike Bull Classic, Bike Bull AGM and Garden Bull are affected.


Therefore, transactions with dry, pre-charged batteries with acid packs between commercial market participants (B2B) remain possible!


Filled and charged batteries may be sold without restrictions as before.


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