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Designed for highest energy demand due to increasing comfort functions in long-distance trucks.


  • Offer of two standard battery sizes (boxes B and C) with 190 Ah or 240 Ah
  • Increased cyclical resistance owing to the active mass recipe and non-woven covers
  • Robust design and top vibration resistance due to special set bonding
  • Improved mesh corrosion resistance due to the use of the continuous production process
  • Calcium technology for minimal water consumption


HOW TO: Recharge car battery with Banner Accucharger 6A Recovery
VIDEO Banner TV Austrian Logistics Prize 2017 PLACE 2 FOR Banner BATTERIES
Banner at the Automechanika 2018
Staying in the fast lane with sustainable battery systems
As a key element in future mobility, innovative battery technologies are the object of increasing attention.
Therefore, Banner is working continuously on the development of optimum battery systems, which meets the demands of tomorrow. Consequently, the starter battery specialist’s very latest product advances in the commercial vehicle, car and accessories areas will form the centrepiece of its exhibit at the Automechanika 2018.

Günter Helmchen, the CEO of Banner Batterien Deutschland GmbH, sees the premium supplier’s presentation at this year’s Automechanika as demonstrating that: “With the enhanced flooded battery (EFB) and absorbent glass mat (AGM) technologies for micro-hybrid drives and start-stop applications, we provide clear evidence of our sense of responsibility with regard to a resource-protective and sustainable business approach. During the past financial year alone, with our start-stop batteries we contributed to fuel savings of around 66 million litres and a reduction in CO2 emissions of approximately 164,000t. In addition, our new battery management systems for cars and commercial vehicles represent a systematic continuation of our successful strategy for the sustainable mobility of the future. In this connection, environmental protection and the common good constitute the number one priority, which is also linked to the fact that today lead-acid batteries can be recycled to an unsurpassed degree of virtually 100 per cent.”


For further information see press release


PDF Banner Running Bull EFB for start-stop vehicles with a high energy requirement

PDF Banner’s location in Leonding numbers among Europe’s most modern battery plants

PDF Günter Helmchen, CEO, Banner Batterien Deutschland GmbH (centre), with the Banner Group’s CEOs, Thomas Bawart (l.) and Andreas Bawart (r.)

PDF Leading automotive manufacturers trust Banner batteries

PDF The Banner recycling loop


Fotocredit: Banner Batterien

BOMAG supplier award
BOMAG Supplier Award for Banner!
Banner has been awarded by BOMAG for the fourth time in a row.

BOMAG, manufacturer of compaction machines, uses extremely vibration and cycle resistant EFB and AGM batteries from Banner.

The world market leader in the soil compaction sector regularly assesses its suppliers in detail and has now awarded batteries from Banner four times in succession: Banner was again able to increase slightly and, with an overall result of over 96%, will again receive the top supplier classification "A-supplier" for the year 2017.


BOMAG certificate A-supplier 2017

Is it possible that AFB and ECM batteries are also used for start/stop applications or generally for high energy requirements in cars?
This is exactly the same technology as the Banner Running Bull EFB batteries.

There are often different names used on the market for start/stop technology in the battery sector:

AFB = Advanced Flooded Battery
ECM = Enhanced Cyclic Mat
EFB = Enhanced Flooded Battery

AFB and ECM car batteries can be replaced by the Banner Running Bull EFB. In identical housing and identical performance class.


PDF Banner Running Bull EFB:

EFB technology is mainly used in start/stop systems with high energy requirements. The Running Bull EFB battery is the ideal solution for small cars up to the upper middle class.

Is it possible that VRLA batteries are also suitable for start/stop applications or generally for the highest energy consumption in cars?
This is exactly the same technology as Banner Running Bull AGM batteries.

Only different designations from different suppliers are used. For example, Mercedes notes VRLA on the top label of AGM start/stop car batteries.

VRLA car batteries can be replaced by the Banner Running Bull AGM. In identical box and in the same performance class.


AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat, the acid is absorbed in the glass fleece and thus bound.

VRLA = Valve Regulated Lead Acid, a valve-regulated lead/acid battery with AGM technology.


PDF Banner Running Bull AGM:

AGM technology is mainly used in start/stop systems with maximum energy consumption and brake energy recovery. The Running Bull AGM battery is the ideal solution here, primarily for medium and luxury vehicles.

What is recuperation?
Quite simply, brake energy recovery.
When you accelerate or brake, some of your car's kinetic energy is usually lost. Part of this energy is recovered through the recuperation process.

This is because the alternator (also called generator) intentionally puts more strain on it in this phase, the voltage of the alternator is raised so that the charging process is accelerated and thus more energy is supplied to the battery. The alternator converts the kinetic energy into electricity, in principle like a bicycle dynamo. In acceleration phases and in normal operation, the output of the alternator can be partially reduced or even set to zero, which means more energy is available for the drive.
The reason: The vehicle now uses the energy that the battery has previously stored. This saves fuel and emissions.
Because Banner Running Bull series car batteries are real CO2 and fuel savers.


Energy for the environment.
Brake energy recovery and start/stop systems make modern cars much more environmentally friendly. With sustainable fuel savings and CO2 emission reductions.
Basic requirement: An extremely cycle-resistant start/stop battery Banner Running Bull, which reliably delivers maximum performance at start for start and drive for drive.


PDF Running Bull EFB*, Running Bull BackUp and Running Bull AGM**: With the highly specialized batteries of the Running Bull series, Banner completely covers the segment of power supply for start/stop vehicles. The particularly high cycle stability makes Running Bull the ideal on-board power plant that safely masters the extreme loads caused by the multiple starting processes of micro-hybrid vehicles.


EFF = Enhanced Flooded Battery, the cycle-proof starter battery
AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat, the acid is absorbed in the glass fleece and thus bound


Banner breaks through the €300 million sales revenue barrier for the first time
Sales revenues increased by more than eleven per cent as compared to the previous year and amounted to €302 million, which was the highest figure in the company’s 80-year history. Banner is Austria’s sole battery manufacturer.

As Andreas Bawart, Banner’s co-owner and commercial CEO, explains: “Quality and reliability are two of our main success factors in the hotly contested battery market. This is borne out by our highly satisfactory figures and the fact that the BMW Group has opted for our EFB batteries is especially gratifying.” Banner batteries are also first fitted into numerous models from Audi, Caterpillar, Jungheinrich, Kässbohrer, Liebherr, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Porsche, Seat, Volvo and VW.


Banner can reflect upon a successful 2017/18 financial year (1 April 2017 to 31 March 2018):

- Record sales revenues of €302 million from across all business areas
- 4.6 million starter batteries sold
- Growth due to the strong demand for starter batteries for start-stop vehicles
- Deliveries of EFB batteries (Enhanced Flooded Battery = cycle-resistant starter battery) to the BMW Group from the beginning of 2018
- Investments of more than €30 million at the Leonding location since 2015
- A focus on environmental protection: 100 per cent recycling quota


For further information see press release


PDF The Banner Running Bull EFB for start-stop vehicles with a high energy requirement

PDF Andreas Bawart, the Banner GmbH Commercial CEO*

*© Andreas Wenter/Permanent Moments


Picture caption:

Factory shot Banner


Banner Büffelpost, Kundenzeitung, Kundenmagazin
Actual Büffelpost online.
The Banner customer magazine with the latest news!

Top news short noticed:






Further information see pdf-document.



How does a start/stop system work?
Saves fuel at every red light, protects your wallet and is good for the environment.
The automatic start/stop switches the engine off and on again automatically, ...

... if you walk off or step on the clutch or brake during a stop. The savings potential: Depending on the driving situation, especially in city traffic, you use up to 0.8 l less fuel per 100 km!


The basic requirement: A particularly strong and cycle-proof start/stop battery that remains fully efficient even during frequent charging and discharging processes.



Our top batteries for modern start/stop vehicles. Because Banner start/stop car batteries are real CO2 and fuel savers.

PDF With the highly specialised batteries of the Running Bull series, consisting of the Running Bull EFB*, Running Bull BackUp and Running Bull AGM**, Banner covers the entire energy supply segment in the start/stop vehicle area. Particularly high cyclical resistance makes the Running Bulls an ideal in-board power pack that safety masters the extreme loads created by frequent starts in micro-hybrid cars.


*EFB = Enhanced Flooded Battery, the cycle-resistant starter battery.

**AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat, which absorbs the battery acid and thus binds it in. 

What does DSGVO mean?
Briefly simply General Data Protection Regulation.
The new EU Data Protection Ordinance (DSGVO) has been in force since 25 May 2018.

The main aim of the Basic Data Protection Ordinance is to regulate the handling of data uniformly throughout Europe.


The most important innovation of the DSGVO for website operators are the data protection regulations. Every website must contain a privacy policy. The data protection declaration is the text in which a company explains all data protection measures to its customers or visitors.


More information see PDF document. 


PDF Banner Privacy Policy

POWER BULL PROfessoinal - Original part quality for replacement needs.
Primarily used in small cars up to the luxury class.
These power packs are designed for modern cars with very high energy requirements but without a start/stop system.

The new top versions of the Power Bull PROfessional with increased performance are based on proven Power Bull technologyand fulfil precisely the requirements of leading German automotive manufacturers. These power packs are designed for moderncars with very high energy demands but without a start/stop system.


The Power BULL PRO – the PROlongation of a success story.
The triumphal progress of the Power Bull PRO starter batteries is set to continue, as the Banner top seller quite literally combines prizewinning product quality with premium performance in a perfect symbiosis. This is simply original part excellence for retrofitting.
Precisely for this reason, the product portfolio has been augmented with the following three battery types in T-boxes:


Power Bull
PRO P50 42 (T4/LB1 box – 50 Ah/400 A EN)
PRO P63 42 (T5/LB2 box – 63 Ah/600 A EN)
PRO P77 42 (T6/LB3 box – 77 Ah/680 A EN)


These represent intelligent additions to the range because numerous Ford and Vauxhall/GM models (without start/stop function or braking energy recuperation) require original battery replacements with a total height of 175 mm.


Power Bull PRO product/customer advantages in brief:


• Now 9 types with capacities of 50 Ah/63 Ah/77 Ah/84 Ah/100 Ah /110 Ah
• Double Top lid for twice the leak protection:
• and 100 per cent leak protection up to an angle of 55°
• Absolutely maintenance-free due to modern calcium technology
• A further improvement in cold start characteristics (A)
• OEM quality according to BMW and VW stipulations
• 175/190mm original height
• Improved cyclical behaviour thanks to an optimised mass recipe


In readiness for next season, at the latest the batteries will be available from the spring or summer of 2018.


Please take very careful note of these tips during battery exchanges!

Warning! Under no circumstances install a conventional wet battery in a vehicle (with start/stop function), which in serial production has been fitted with an AGM or EFB battery. Should an exchange be necessary, only use an AGM or EFB battery with an identical box and in the same performance class.


Banner Tip!  A Power Bull battery can be upgraded to an even more powerful Power Bull PRO battery in T4/LB1 (44 Ah), T5/LB2 (60 Ah), H5/L2 (62 Ah), T6/LB3 (72 Ah), H6/L3 (74 Ah) and H8/L5 (95 Ah) boxes. Please contact your Banner customer advisor.


PDF The new, performance-enhanced top versions Power Bull PROfessional are based on the proven Power Bull technology and exactly meet the requirements for car batteries of leading german car manufacturers such as BMW and VW.


Bull Power references

Our OE customers, your trust.