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HOW TO: Correctly charging the car battery
What should I pay attention to when charging a battery?
Frequent short trips and additional electrical loads drain the energy level of the car battery start by start and drive by drive. The battery regains power once it is recharged.
HOW TO: Correctly perform the jump start
What should I pay attention to when performing the jump start?
You can always rely on your Banner battery if it has been well maintained. But what if your neighbour, or even better your hopefully pretty neighbour, is struggling to start their car? Of course, you jump in to help and want to show off by quickly and simply performing a jump start. This is how you do it properly!
Battery tip: 6 quick tips for a long battery life!
What can you do to get the most out of the maximum battery life?
Our 6 quick tips will help you extend the performance and life of your battery.
HOW TO: Correctly registering start-stop batteries
What should I pay attention to when changing start-stop batteries?
More and more vehicle manufacturers of start-stop models require the battery to be read into the system and registered. This can be done in just a few steps using a multi-brand diagnostic tool (Banner Battery Service Tool - BBST).
HOW TO: Hibernate battery
What should I pay attention to when hibernating a battery?
When the battery is not in use or is idle for a longer period of time, it is important to supply the battery correctly. We’ll explain how it works!
Consequences of installing the wrong battery
Why are conventional batteries not suitable for vehicles with start-stop systems?
Vehicles with a start-stop function place higher demands on the starter battery used – this applies to simpler start-stop systems with an EFB battery as well as to sophisticated start-stop systems with an AGM battery and energy recovery.
Battery Technology
What are the differences and advantages of the various battery technologies?
Cycle stability, vibration resistance, starting performance – different uses place different demands on the battery in the vehicle.
Why is the lead-acid battery so relevant for electric cars?
When you think of electric cars, you first think of the lithium-ion traction battery. The fact that every electric car is also equipped with a 12V lead-acid battery is often overlooked.
Battery sensor – application and function
What is the function of the sensor at the negative terminal of the starter battery?
The electronic battery sensor (EBS = IBS intelligent battery sensor) is an important part of vehicle energy management. The sensor informs the car of the exact battery status, measures the temperature and controls the charging voltage and charging current accordingly.
Battery tip: Going for the cheap option will often cost you more in the long run!
Why should you always go for quality when choosing a car battery?
Nowadays, starter batteries are under even more strain due to the use of start-stop systems, additional consumers and extreme climatic conditions. Cheap batteries often turn out to be the more expensive solution!
Banner Lexicon: AGM, BEM, EBS, SAM, ...
The technical language of the automotive industry is for most people a book with 7 seals.
Now, many of these terms are not terribly difficult to understand. Our little Battery ABC index will help you with this.
Banner Lexicon: Carbon Loaded
What does it mean if the phrase “Carbon Loaded” is added?
“Carbon loaded” technology enables better charging of the battery thanks to the integration of carbon additives in the negative active material. Using this material, with its comparatively low weight, makes it possible to achieve significantly better charging and higher cycle stability.