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The extreme vibration and cycling loads, cold winters and hot summers, and generally tough construction use place huge stress on starter and on-board electrical system batteries in construction machinery (excavators, graders, wheel loaders, etc.)!

Year-round operation – climate change makes it possible!

The situation is aggravated by the fact that more and more construction sites are in continuous operation during mild winters. Machines hardly ever come to a standstill now, thanks to the winterisation of construction machines and connection of the batteries to charge maintenance devices.

Low-performance excavator batteries - starting problems are inevitable!

Batteries can lose more than 50% of their starting power in cold conditions! Be sure to periodically check the open-circuit voltage of each battery with a battery tester – the Banner BBT DBA 12V battery tester is ideal for this.

Also look out for warning signals like a sluggish, slow engine speed during the starting process or a flickering charge indicator light.

Proper jump-starting of low-power batteries.

Please refer to our HOW-TO video, as the procedure is almost identical to what's in the information about the passenger car sector.

Recharging discharged batteries – numerous clever accessories.

As rule, fully automatic chargers (charging voltage limited to 14.8 V) are well suited for charging the battery installed in a vehicle. These charging devices are fully automatic.


Depending on the on-board electrical system voltage and capacity or state of charge of the battery or batteries, we recommend the following fully automatic chargers, all of which feature a charge maintenance function!

Ideally suited for mini excavators and up to large excavators with more than 22m3 backhoe (loading bucket)!


On-board electrical system voltage 12V

  • Batteries up to 72 Ah - Banner Accucharger 12V 3A
  • Batteries up to 130 Ah - Banner Accucharger 12V 6A Recovery
  • Batteries up to 240 Ah - Banner Accucharger 12V 10A Recovery

On-board electrical system voltage 24V

  • Batteries up to 240 Ah, often equalising charge with an open-circuit voltage of the individual battery >12.5 V
    Banner Accucharger 24V 10A Recovery
  • Batteries up to 240 Ah, mostly recharging with an open circuit voltage of the individual battery <12.5 V
    Banner Accucharger PRO 25A
    NEW: Now with special 16 V refresh mode for deeply discharged batteries.

If replacing the battery is unavoidable, Banner's Buffalo Bull battery series always has the ideal starter and on-board electrical system battery for every conceivable construction machine application.


If you implement the Banner tips, you can practically eliminate annoying and expensive downtime on the construction site due to starting problems!

Banner tips

When checking the charging voltage in every construction machine - with at least a dual battery system - the individual voltage of each battery must also be checked! We recommend the Banner Battery Tester BBT DBA 12V for periodically checking the open-circuit voltage of each individual battery.


This is a handy meter that quickly and reliably measures the battery voltage. Super easy application with high precision. Please make sure to recharge the battery as soon as an open-circuit voltage limit of 12.5 V has been reached. To be able to measure the off-load voltage, you should wait approx. 5 hours after you have finished charging the battery (internally by alternator, externally by charger), or it has not been discharged for at least 1 hour.