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You can always rely on your Banner battery if it has been well maintained. But suppose your neighbour is struggling to start their car?

We will show you what to look out for when performing a jump start.


First of all: Due to the sensitive electronics in the vehicle, only a Banner Booster should be used to jump start the vehicle. Performing a jump start from car to car can lead to voltage peaks when disconnecting and, in doing so, can damage or even destroy the vehicle’s electronics. Therefore, when using starter cables, always follow the instructions below.


Performing a jump start with cables


  • For performing a jump start with starter cables, we recommend the use of standardised starter cables (e.g. according to DIN 72553).
  • Follow the instructions for use for the starter cables.
  • Only connect batteries of the same nominal voltage.
  • Disconnect both vehicle engines before connecting.


  • First connect the two positive terminals 1 (battery from the vehicle in need of assistance) to 2 (battery from the donor vehicle), then connect the negative terminal 3 (battery from the donor vehicle) to the earth terminal on the vehicle in need of assistance 4 (earth = metallic smooth point away from the battery). Observe the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.
  • Now start the vehicle in need of assistance for max. 15 seconds without starting the donor vehicle.
  • When disconnecting, disconnect the cables in reverse order.
Video Starthilfe geben mit Power Station
Banner HOW-TO: Getting started correctly with Banner Power Booster PB12 or PB12/24

Getting started correctly with Banner Power Booster PB12 or PB12/24

  • Connect the red clamp to the positive terminal and black clamp to the earth terminal*.

    • This is particularly important in modern vehicles due to the battery sensor, as otherwise the sensor cannot recognise the starting current correctly and may generate an error message.
    • *The recommendation has been made before, that time due to the formation of sparks when coming into contact with the negative terminal. (Earth = metallic smooth point away from the battery).
  • Switch on Banner Power Booster PB12 or PB12/24

    • After connecting the clamps, start the jump starter.
  • Starting the vehicle

    • Now start the vehicle.
    • Number of start attempts max. 3-5, length of start attempts approx. 15 sec. each - otherwise unburnt fuel could get into the catalytic converter of vehicles with catalytic converter, with all the negative side effects!
  • Switching off and disconnecting the Banner Power Booster PB12 or PB12/24

    • After the jump start is successful, switch off the device and remove the clamps.
    • The Banner Power Booster PB12 or PB12/24 can be used in many different ways – e.g. passenger cars, agricultural and construction machinery, off-road vehicles, trucks, commercial vehicles, breakdown service, etc.
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Where is the battery located?

The car battery is not always installed in the engine compartment, but can also be located in the interior/glove compartment or boot.

However, this doesn’t affect the jump start procedure.