Starter and on-board batteries for lawn tractors (ride-on mowers).

No matter whether it is a park in the centre of a large city or a green area for private use. Large grass and lawn areas place high demands on lawn and meadow maintenance. After all, no matter how large or complex a green space is, it needs to be mowed and maintained, just like the lawn in the tranquil garden of your home. But a lawn above a certain size can no longer be worked on so easily and quickly with a classic hand mower. That is neither practical nor healthy! That's exactly why there are lawn tractors that make gardening much easier.


The ideal battery for this application? Our recommendation is Banner Bike Bull Classic - for spring to autumn use.

Is the ride-on mower also used for winter maintenance, often with a snow blade for clearing snow and a salt spreader? Then a MEGA cold start is required - our recommendation here is Banner Bike Bull AGM PRO.


Please note that additional electrical consumers require powerful battery power: lighting (LED headlights), Bluetooth connectivity, electric spreader (fertiliser spreader for gardening, salt spreader for winter service, material spreader in general), radio, ...



Bike Bull Classic batteries for full starting power for lawn tractors (ride-on mowers).

Safe starting is always guaranteed - even under extreme operating conditions, due to high voltage and top quality. This means maximum power at all times, even for all comfort consumers.


Banner offers TOP quality for replacement needs with the Bike Bull Classic.


Wird der Aufsitzmäher auch im Winterdienst genützt, oft mit Schneeschild zum Schneeräumen, oder mit vielen Stromverbrauchern?

Dann ist ein MEGA Kaltstart gefordert - unsere Empfehlung ist hier die Banner Bike Bull AGM PRO. 

Unbedingt beachten, elektrische Zusatzverbraucher benötigen leistungsstarke Batteriepower: Beleuchtung (LED Scheinwerfer), Bluetooth-Konnektivität*, elektrische Boxentleerung (Grasfangbox), Elektrostreuer (Düngerstreuer im Garteneinsatz, Salzstreuer im Winterdienst, Materialstreuer allgemein), Radio, Zusatzscheinwerfer, ... 


*Via Handy (mit Staub- und Regenschutz) die Bluetooth Verbindung mit dem Traktor herstellen und schon funktioniert das Smart Cockpit. Während dem Bearbeiten von Flächen bis zu 10.000 m² sind alle relevanten Daten wie Geschwindigkeit, Mäheffizienz, Neigungs- und Tankanzeige, verbleibende und bisher gemähte Zeit, die gesamten Betriebsstunden, der Ladezustand der Batterie(n) (SOC State Of Charge), ... direkt am Cockpit ablesbar.

Bike Bull AGM PRO batteries for full power for lawn tractors in winter use.

Safe starting is guaranteed even in arctic winter cold, due to high voltage and maximum cold start performance. This means maximum power at all times, even for all comfort consumers, combined with absolute leakage protection and a long service life.


With Bike Bull AGM PRO, Banner offers original equipment batteries for replacement requirements (OE quality).

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