Reliable starter battery for snowmobiles


As an outdoors fan, you’ll want to enjoy every minute in the great outdoors with your snowmobile. Whether you’re whizzing through a winter landscape covered in deep snow, transporting guests as a hut host, speeding to the reindeer farm, ensuring safety in the ski area as a piste rescuer or going on a snowmobile safari in Lapland.


You must ensure that you have a reliable starter battery that is optimally suited to your type of use. Cold-start performance determines a safe start and proverbial cool ride in all applications. Remember: electric starters, hand/thumb warmers, seat heating, …also put a strain on the starter battery.



Bike Bull AGM PRO batteries for full power on snowmobiles


Safe starting is guaranteed even in Arctic winter cold, due to high voltage and highest cold start performance. This means maximum performance at all times, including for all comfort consumers, and a long service life.


With the Bike Bull AGM PRO, Banner offers original equipment batteries for replacement requirements (OE quality).

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