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Nowadays, starter batteries are especially in demand through the use of start-stop systems, climatic conditions and driving behaviour (frequent short journeys, stop-and-go, etc.). Comfort and additional consumers are constantly being added to the mix and these also need power. A powerful starter battery that supplies your car reliably with its starting and on-board system power needs has therefore become a fundamental requirement.

We’ve put together 8 interesting facts on starter batteries for you.



Fakt 1: Nummer 1

1. Number ONE in breakdowns


Faults in vehicle electrics/electronics resulting from weakening batteries are the most common cause of breakdowns – at approx. 42% – according to the breakdown statistics of the automobile associations. This is often due to high loading from a number of electrical consumers and inadequate battery management.

Fakt 2: Herz

2. The heart of a vehicle’s electrical system


Auxiliary heating, start-stop systems, energy recovery: Modern vehicle electrics are becoming increasingly complex and require ever more cycle-resistant starter or on-board batteries.

Fakt 3: Kurze Strecken

3. Short routes = more power


Due to stop-and-go traffic and frequent short journeys, vehicles often need more energy than the alternator can produce and recharge during the journey.

Fakt 4: Always on

4. Always on –

digital networking in the car


Safety and comfort functions, the theft warning system, coming and leaving home functions always need power, even when the car is parked and switched off.

Fakt 5: Kürzere Lebensdauer

5. Shorter lifetime


When exposed to extreme heat or long periods without use, the battery starts to self-discharge. Increased water consumption and greater corrosion reduce its service life.

Fakt 6: Minusgrade

6. Negative temperatures cost energy


When temperatures fall, a battery’s performance capacity is quick to drop due to poorer charge acceptance. Additional electrical consumers such as seat, auxiliary and rear windscreen heating also need a lot of energy during the colder months.

Fakt 7: Schwerstarbeit

7. Maximum effort for your comfort


Ventilation, seat or auxiliary heating, infotainment ... modern cars not only use batteries for starting but increasingly to power the on-board system.

Fakt 8: Umwelt

8. Energy for the environment


Energy recovery and start-stop systems make modern cars much more environmentally friendly through lower consumption and reductions in CO2emissions. Basic requirement: An extremely cycle-resistant start-stop battery Banner Running Bull, which reliably delivers maximum performance for each start-up and each journey.