Banner secures a EUR 50 million contract

from a German carmaker

The automotive industry is currently confronted by enormous challenges that include a shortage of semiconductors, logistical turbulence, e-mobility and the European Union's Green Deal. At the same time, topics such as sustainability and short supply routes are becoming increasingly important. Not least, these are reasons why the Banner Group has managed to extend its cooperation with one of its most important automotive customers in Germany for another two years. The existing delivery volume is also to be increased by an additional 40 per cent.


Leonding, 9.12.2021. The Banner Group is about to enter the New Year strengthened by the prolongation of a contract with a German automobile manufacturer, which also brings a 40 per cent increase in sales to this important customer. As Andreas Bawart, Banner’s Commercial CEO, says, “We are proud of the fact that despite difficult conditions, which include enormous increases in the cost of raw materials and energy prices, we are still able to maintain an excellent sales trend. In particular, this new order also secures the growth forecasts that we have established as our targets and demonstrates that leading car manufacturers continue to trust in proven and, above all, sustainable Banner Group quality.”

Sustainability "Made in Austria"


The Banner Group’s lead-acid batteries are top quality products that offer exemplary resource conservation and sustainability. For example, they are employed in environment-friendly start-stop systems, which automatically switch off and then restart the engines of stationary vehicles and thus contribute significantly to decarbonisation. Since the development of start-stop technology, Banner’s AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) and EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery) batteries have been a factor in annual fuel savings of around 100 million litres and a CO2 reduction of some 250,000 tonnes. In addition, 99.9 per cent of the components of spent batteries are recycled and with the highest collection rate of all recyclable goods, which even exceeds that of glass or paper, the Banner Group transmits a clear signal for a sustainable future.

The Banner Group has reacted to market conditions


The entire mobility sector is facing significant, long-term upheavals. In the coming years, climate change, the European Union's Green Deal and e-mobility, not to mention the digital transformation, will have a profound influence upon the automotive industry and change it fundamentally. Against this backdrop, the Banner Group has drawn up a strategic reorientation strategy that will make the company fit for the challenges ahead.

Well equipped for the future with AGENDA 2030


The linchpin for the strategic adaptability of the premium battery specialist to an extremely dynamic market environment is provided by the AGENDA 2030. The company is repositioning itself with two cornerstones comprised by the Automotive and Energy Solutions Business Units, the profiles of which have thus been clearly defined. The Automotive Business Unit, which traditionally has very strong sales, will continue to form the Banner Group’s core business area. However, the company also sees great potential in the Energy Solutions Business Unit with regard to further production developments in the fields of traction, semi-traction and standby energy storage.


Andreas Bawart sums up Banner’s response to impending future challenges as follows, “With AGENDA 2030, we have a carefully planned and solid basis for the consistent and sustainable further development of our company. We will thus secure jobs in the long-term and at the same time be able to react promptly to unforeseeable industrial events with efficient processes and measures.”

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