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COVID-19 has also interfered with the priorities of motorcycle fans. Consequently, the wish for unlimited freedom and in particular outdoor leisure activities was seldom so great as it is at present. Banner’s Bike Bull batteries also awaken the desire to hit the road and moreover, they ensure a perfect start. Above all, with its premium class Bike Bull AGM PROfessional and Banner Bike Bull GEL the starter battery specialist offers two-wheel power at its finest.      


Leonding, 24. March 2021. Robustness, reliability and power are characteristics for which the Bike Bull brand world from the house of Banner has always stood. The quality promise of the premium starter battery specialist runs like a red thread through its entire product programme, which includes some 60 Bike Bull battery types. Furthermore, with the Bike Bull AGM (AGM = absorbent glass mat) PROfessional (PRO) and the Bike Bull GEL, the family-owned Austrian company is actually a clear step ahead of the market. Andreas Bawart, Banner’s Commercial CEO, hits the nail on the head when he states, “Our innovative Bike Bull AGM PRO is a top product in original quality. This premium AGM+SLA battery meets the requirements of Harley-Davidson, BMW and bikes fitted with ABS and diverse special features to perfection.

What’s more, owing to its high level of low temperature stability, this product is ideally suited to use in snowmobiles.” The AGM battery is immune to tipping and leakages and also offers extreme vibration resistance in tandem with fantastic cold start performance. In addition, specialist bike retailers offering this ready-to-use battery type, can offer convincing arguments with regard to cyclical resistance and absolute zero maintenance.         


The second premium product from Banner, the Bike Bull GEL, is a power pack that is specially designed for use in enduro and touring motorbikes. This highly advanced, quality battery with mat separators and electrolyte gel for enhanced starting performance, vibration and cyclical resistance is offered on a ready-to-use basis and is also completely maintenance-free.


Bike Bull is also ideal for ATV-quads, jet-skis, tractor mowers and snowmobiles

In addition to the core segment of the two-wheeler market, Banner’s Bike Bull portfolio also meets the requirements of ATV-quads, jet-skis, tractor mowers and snowmobiles in optimum fashion. The starter battery specialist offers all four technologies in versions that have been specially adapted to the mechanical and electrical loads that are typical of the various applications. Above all, AGM and GEL technologies offer a decisive plus with regard to power and service life.

Correct charging for maximum bike battery life

Apart from proper maintenance, correct charging is of decisive importance for maximum bike battery life. Long standstill periods lasting several weeks can have unpleasant consequences for the battery because as a result of self-discharge clumps of lead sulphate can form. Unless the battery is charged immediately, these clumps will prevent current intake and especially after winter mothballing, this will cause the battery to lose starting power and capacity, which will impact cold starts. In order to avoid such problems, in addition to its extensive Bike Bull range, the Austrian battery specialist offers modern chargers and accessories. More information in this regard is available under


All information is valid for the entire two-wheeler area and therefore includes motorcycles and the increasingly strong moped, scooter and roller market segments.



Photo 3: Professional battery charging with the Banner Accucharger 12V 3A


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Photo credit: Banner GmbH, reprints free of charge. Specimen copy requested.

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