A home on four wheels! With a camper or caravan, you can enjoy a holiday that is both close to nature and uncomplicated. With the latter aspect in mind, Banner constantly seeks to ensure that a well-deserved break runs smoothly and no one is suddenly plunged into darkness! Accordingly, in the text below, the Austrian battery specialist explains which battery types are needed for caravans and motorhomes and how they are best charged.


Leonding, 8.2.2022. Although in recent years the caravanning segment has already demonstrated a clear upward trend, the current pandemic has led to a genuine boom with regard to motorhomes and caravans. These allow living within one’s own four walls while nonetheless travelling and thus satisfying the desire to go globetrotting. However, in order to make certain that such a holiday remains relaxed, the choice of the right battery is crucial and it is here that the Banner Group is ideally positioned to assist. This is because in the hobby and leisure fields, the battery expert has the ideal product for every requirement.  

The differences between supply and starter batteries


But what exactly does one need to take into account when considering the power supply in a camper or caravan? In fact, two types of batteries, which serve different purposes, are needed. These consist of a starter battery and one or more supply batteries. This is because the technology and components of a long-duration discharge battery differ significantly from those of a starter battery. Consequently, the use of a starter battery in a cyclical application, as is the case with electrical and electronic consumers, would lead to premature battery wear and possibly even total battery failure within the first few months of operation. As the name suggests, a conventional starter battery is used to provide a short and powerful burst of energy in order to start the vehicle. Once the engine is running, the vehicle's charging system ensures that the energy drawn from the battery is replenished. With the Running Bull EFB PROfessional and the Power Bull PROfessional, Banner offers starter batteries for first fitting, which are employed by automotive manufacturers such as the leading motorhome producer, Knaus Tabbert Reisemobile.

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Conversely, supply batteries are of long-duration discharge design and are used to supply power to all electrical and electronic auxiliary consumers, from lighting and refrigerators to mobile phones. In the course of a lengthy period of time, they supply a significantly lower volume of current for the electrical system power supply and additional consumers, and are also discharged and recharged several times. As Andreas Bawart, Banner’s Commercial CEO, explains, “Amongst batteries, our long-duration discharge batteries constitute absolute specialists and like all other experts, they perform their tasks reliably and without a hitch.” 

For example, the Banner Energy Bull, a special wet battery for long-duration discharge, is a robust and ideal power pack for the camping/caravan segment. The Running Bull AGM battery also has exceptional cyclical stability and was developed specially for the highest energy requirements. Therefore, among other customers, it is employed by a number of well-known OEM’s.

Tips for a long battery life


In order that it lasts for as long as possible, the Banner Energy Bull should only be discharged to a maximum of fifty per cent because as a general rule, the deeper the discharge, the shorter is the expected service life. Therefore, following each discharge, the Energy Bull should be recharged immediately and to a sufficient extent. Power points at campsites or long, daily motorhome drives during which the Energy Bull is charged via the dynamo, are ideal for this purpose, as these applications ensure that the battery is not deeply discharged.



Even more power


If it can be assumed that a higher power requirement exists and therefore cyclical stability is needed that exceeds the operational scope of the Energy Bull, Banner has two further batteries in its hobby and leisure range. The first of these is the Traction Bull Bloc AGM, which is utilised if an electricity supply is available. The powerful Traction Bull Bloc AGM battery is also highly suitable for the intermediate, off-grid operation of additional consumers such as lights, satellite systems with a television, or motor driven manoeuvring aids. This battery manages up to 680 cycles (50 per cent depth of discharge).


Moreover, in view of the fact that owing to the number of vehicles and the many power-intensive consumers, the electricity supply at campsites can frequently only provide limited power, Banner has created the perfect response in the shape of its Traction Bull Bloc Gel, which can handle up to 980 cycles, i.e. 50 per cent depth of discharge.





Photo 1: Banner batteries - for pure holiday enjoyment

Photo 2: The Banner Running Bull EFB PRO, the ideal choice for caravans and campers

Photo 3: Banner’s long-duration discharge batteries such as the Energy Bull, a robust and ideal power pack, are absolute specialists among batteries

Photo 4: Andreas Bawart, Commercial CEO



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