Irrespective of whether you are cruising across a lake or planning a circumnavigation of the globe, you will certainly wish to spend your free moments as relaxed and stress-free as possible. Therefore, in order to ensure that you enjoy a smooth voyage on your boat or yacht, Banner offers superb batteries for the hobby and leisure area. 


Leonding, 29.3.2022. A reliable power supply on board is vital, because it prevents stress and possibly saves money. The first must in this regard is to determine the purpose of the battery, for as Andreas Bawart, Banner Commercial CEO, explains, “It is essential to establish if the battery is to be used to start the engine, or provide the general power supply on board. Moreover, it is of decisive importance to define which and how many consumers the battery has to feed, as well as the size of the related power requirement.” In view of these variants, it is good to know that with its extensive range for the hobby and leisure market segment and professional marine use Banner simply has a suitable product for every application. 

Starter batteries for the marine segment (motorboat/yachts)


As is the case with road vehicles, a starter battery is used for the ignition of a marine engine with a short, high-powered burst of energy. Then, as soon as the engine is running, the charging system ensures that the energy drained from the battery is replenished. Therefore, for the boat sector, with its Running Bull EFB PROfessional and the Power Bull PROfessional, the Austrian battery specialist offers original equipment batteries (OE quality for replacement needs).

On-board supply batteries (sailing boats/yachts)


In addition to a starter battery, these craft require one or more power packs in order to cover the general supply of all the electrical and electronic consumers on board, from the lighting to the kitchenette and the cool box. A long-duration discharge battery is ideally suited to this role, because it can be discharged and recharged several times. In fact, optimised service life is achieved, when the on-board battery is discharged to a maximum of 50 per cent and then recharged. The Banner Energy Bull has shown itself to be an outstanding, long-term discharge battery for the on-board power supply and electric drives. For this cyclical application, the Energy Bull has reinforced mesh plates and a specially developed mass. The result is cyclical stability, which is four times greater than that of a starter battery and hence a trump card that ensures unadulterated leisure enjoyment. For even higher energy requirements, or longer holidays, Banner recommends its Silver and Gold Edition Traction Bull Bloc AGM and Traction Bull Bloc products.


Photo 1. The Banner Running Bull EFB PRO is perfect for motorboats!

Photo 2. Long-duration discharge Banner Energy Bull batteries are ideal for the power supply on sailing boats and yachts. 

Photo 3. Andreas Bawart, Commercial CEO


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