In recent years, the requirements for commercial vehicle batteries have changed significantly. Today, they are not only responsible for engine starts, alternators, CB and vehicle radios, but also for supplying the entire vehicle electrical system. Consequently, Banner has developed its new Buffalo Bull AGM battery, which employs the very latest battery technology to meet just such demands and will make its market debut in April.

Leonding, 4.4.2022. The ever-increasing range of additional electrical consumers such as air conditioning, auxiliary heating, refrigerators, lights and entertainment systems, as well as short-distance journeys in distribution traffic, irregular driving profiles with stop-and-go traffic and daily cold starts in icy temperatures, push conventional starter batteries to their limits and beyond. However, years of research and development work, including cooperation with a well-known, leading European commercial vehicle manufacturer, have enabled the vehicle battery manufacturer Banner to come up with a product innovation that solves these problems by means of unparalleled performance. As Thomas Bawart, Banner's Technical CEO, emphasises, “With the new Buffalo Bull AGM starter and on-board battery, every trucker can enjoy full starting power and perfect living comfort at one and the same time. 

This is essential because functional diversity in commercial vehicles is now just as important as engine ignition. Thomas Bawart, "In future, our power packs will offer enough energy for a small snack from the microwave and also guarantee restful sleep on cold nights when the engine is switched off."


Mag. Thomas Bawart

Technical CEO

Incomparable performance characteristics

What makes the Buffalo Bull different and superior to conventional SHD batteries is absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology, in which the battery acid is absorbed and thus bound into a glass fleece. This prevents capacity loss due to acid stratification and guarantees increased cyclical stability and improved corrosion resistance. Extreme vibration resistance is another plus, even when the battery is mounted integrally at the rear of a truck. Moreover, the new Buffalo Bull AGM impresses with optimal charge absorption, as, the battery charges up within nine hours while driving at low voltage (14.3 V/battery). This makes it possible to stay overnight in the vehicle for up to a week while using a large number of different electrical consumers.


A market launch throughout Europe

The Buffalo Bull AGM in exclusive Banner design and battery size C will be launched in all European markets from April.


Photo 1 1: TheBuffalo Bull AGM for long-distance comfort

Photo 2: Thomas Bawart, Technical CEO


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