Banner is one of the five largest battery manufacturers in Europe and the only one that’s privately owned. Strategic partnerships are designed to ensure this independence in the long term.


While Banner Batterien is privately owned, all other major manufacturers are currently owned by private equity funds or international corporations. In order to be able to continue successfully along this path of independence, we have developed the 2030 Agenda, which we reported on in the last issues of this Büffelpost magazine.



Franz Märzinger
Head of Sales and Marketing

A key pillar of the 2030 Agenda is the expansion of strategic partnerships in America and Asia. While we have for years benefited from strategic partnerships in North America with East Penn in the USA (second largest manufacturer in North America) and Moura in South America (largest manufacturer in Brazil), we have now entered a strategic partnership in China with Leoch (one of the five largest manufacturers in China). Like Banner, East Penn and Moura, Leoch is also privately owned.


A licensing agreement was concluded with Leoch as a first tangible project, which allows Leoch to distribute batteries produced in China throughout the Chinese market under the Banner brand. We expect this will significantly increase awareness of our brand in China. In addition to this project, other possible joint sales projects are opening up within the framework of the partnership that our customers in Europe will also benefit from.

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