Banner is well aware of its social responsibilities and the need to conserve resources in order to leave coming generations a future worth living in.


For this reason and in order to be able to meet future sustainability requirements in a timely and legally compliant manner, a sustainability management system has been established. Moreover, a 3,000 m² photovoltaic system installed recently at the Linz-Leonding location will supply Banner with almost half a million kilowatt hours of emission-free solar power per year and the electricity thus generated will be used entirely in battery production. Modules with a total output of 485 kWp have been installed on the roofs and provide 485,000 kW hours of power annually, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of 200 households.


Sabine Rath
Sustainability Manager

Part of the company‘s vehicle fleet is gradually being replaced by e-alternatives. In addition there are plans to increase significantly the number of photovoltaic systems at the Linz location during the next few years. With the installation of modulating gas burners in prefabrication and battery assembly, we have also been able to achieve a tangible cut in production-related gas consumption. Emissions are also being steadily reduced by means of an automated control system.

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