We have done some real research and here is our answer to 2 relatively new error patterns, mainly in the passenger car sector.


Fault pattern #1: Engine does not start - battery discharged - (undercharging on short distance)

Some newer car models sometimes have starting problems due to a partially or deeply discharged starter and on-board power supply battery.

APPEARING: This almost always happens when the vehicle is used for short distances on one side and sometimes even despite correct periodic external recharging with a charger.


Banner tip: Always check the battery, alternator and all connecting cables first. If everything is in order, we recommend periodic external recharging with a fully automatic and voltage-regulated charger such as the Banner Accucharger. For detailed information, please see the section "Further articles on this topic" below.

If the error still occurs, a software update of the multifunction control unit should be carried out in the workshop of your choice. This will change the charging characteristic of the alternator.

Result: The battery will be sufficiently charged in the future, even if the vehicle is used for short distances (usually less than 10 kilometres).

Fault pattern #2: Charge indicator light flashes or flickers continuously - (logistics mode active)

This phenomenon can be observed in some modern car models and it usually has absolutely nothing to do with a weakening battery or faulty vehicle electrics/electronics. After a lot of research, checking the entire car electrics/electronics and correctly recharging the starter and on-board battery, the problem was not eliminated.


NOTE: The affected cars are all absolutely new.

High time to analyse the matter properly with the mechanic combo. The result was that in almost all cases the so-called logistics mode was activated before the car was delivered and was not deactivated at the car dealer before the car was handed over.


Conclusion: When logistics mode is active, the anti-theft alarm system does not work and the BEM (battery energy management) significantly reduces the charging current to the battery - with all the negative side effects.


Banner tip: For information on deactivating the logistics mode, first check the owner's manual of the vehicle manufacturer. If there is no information in the manual, please contact your local car dealer. According to our research, it often works as follows:


  • Start the engine
  • Switch on the hazard warning lights
  • Turn the ignition key to "Start engine" for approx. 20 seconds with the engine running.
  • In most cases, the message "Logistics mode off" is now displayed and the flashing charge indicator light (often a red battery indicator) goes out at the same time.
  • Now switch off the hazard warning lights and switch off the engine.
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