The selected driving mode optimally adapts the driving behaviour of the vehicle to certain conditions. What can happen to the charging voltage? Our experts have done some amazing research.

The voltage is often between 12.3 V (in economy mode) and (ATTENTION) briefly to 15.3V (in normal driving or sport mode).


Economy mode can be selected in many cars at the touch of a button. This not only activates the start-stop function, but also electronically cuts the engine’s power peak, reduces the output of power consumers such as the air-conditioning system, and also reduces the charging voltage to the battery – significantly in some cases.

The engine management also changes the torque curve, which in turn should have a positive effect on fuel consumption.


Even exaggeratedly strong accelerator pedal operations are implemented with a slight delay with the aim of minimising unnecessary fuel consumption, for example .

Banner tip: Frequent short trips, stop-and-go traffic, summer heat or extreme sub-zero temperatures, additional electrical consumers and many trips in economy mode have reduced the starting power of your battery. To avoid total failure, the battery should be charged at least in spring and autumn. It is best to always combine external charging with changing the tyres.


Treat your battery to an extra portion of external recharging with a Banner charger from the Accucharger series.

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