Starting problems - now?! With almost new start-stop car battery! Why and why?

Yes, this happens often and in 99% of cases has absolutely nothing to do with the start-stop battery.

If recuperation is also operated in the start-stop vehicle (recovery of braking energy), the AGM or EFB battery works artificially at a lower state of charge of approx. 70% (SOC State Of Charge 70%).


In older cars without start-stop function, the battery was always charged to 100% by the alternator. A charge deficit can occur relatively quickly in the start-stop function and lead to partial or full discharge, even with an almost new battery, and starting problems are then naturally pre-programmed.

Please bear in mind: Especially in winter operation, below 0 degrees Celsius ambient temperature, the battery hardly absorbs any charging current - regardless of whether it is used for short or long distances on the motorway. At the same time, many power consumers are in operation, such as the rear window heater, seat heater, auxiliary heater and a few others!


We now completely disregard the Economy (ECO) driving mode, which partially reduces the charging voltage to approx. 12.3V!

SORRY, no more battery is charged in driving mode!

To avoid total failure, the battery should be recharged at least in spring and autumn. It is best to always combine the external recharge with the tyre change.


What is the best way to do this?

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PS: Driving in ECO mode.
Here is the astonishing result of our research after checking over 200 car models!

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