You’ll find that some batteries are referred to as “carbon loaded”. What does this mean and what are the advantages of carbon technology?

Carbon Loaded Batterie Glühbirne

„Carbon loaded“ technology enables better charging of the battery thanks to the integration of carbon additives in the negative active material. Using this material, with its comparatively low weight, means that it is possible to achieve significantly better charging and higher cycle stability. This gives vehicles that have a start-stop function „even more power“. These carbon particles increase the conductivity of the active material and, in turn, increase the battery’s charging ability.


The result is that the charging time is significantly reduced!

Furthermore, using carbon additives reduces the gas development voltage, therefore preventing any potential acid layering. Lead-acid batteries benefit both from the exceptionally good conductivity and from the thermal properties of this high-tech material. Special carbon additives improve the charging ability and cycle stability of lead-acid batteries and are particularly effective in EFB batteries for vehicles with a start-stop function or high energy requirements.

The fact that Banner uses carbon is further proof of it's innovative strength and continuous development work, which is valued by well-known car manufacturers around the globe.

Advantages of carbon technology

Icon Reduzierung der Ladezeit

Charging time is reduced

The carbon additives increase the conductivity of the active material and, in doing so, ensure a higher current absorption capacity. The result is that the charging time is significantly reduced!

Icon Originalqualität

OE-Original quality for retrofitting

OE (Original Equipment - Initial installation)

Our batteries meet the requirements of leading German vehicle manufacturers, they were designed for modern vehicles with very high energy requirements.

Icon Zyklenlebensdauer

Increased cycle life

“Carbon loaded” technology provides twice the cycle life (compared to conventional starter batteries) thanks to the exceptional conductivity and thermal properties of this high-tech material.

Icon Langzeithaltbarkeit

Long-term durability

By using carbon additives in the negative active material, we can guarantee durability that is twice as long (compared to conventional starter batteries).

What exactly is carbon?
Carbon is a chemical element that occurs in nature in pure form (diamond, graphite) or in compounds such as carbonates, carbon dioxide, crude oil, natural gas and coal. Carbon is able to form complex molecules and forms the basis of all life on earth.


It is not a coincidence that carbon is mentioned in the same breath as state-of-the-art, high-tech applications. It is low in weight but, at the same time, posses enormous strength and so it is used in a wide range of applications – from motor sports to aerospace and offshore wind turbines.

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