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Banner batteries are characterised by maximum power and maximum lifetime. Proper maintenance is crucial for the performance and the lifetime of your battery. To help, Banner has a few valuable tips.

Tips for commissioning before playing or after the winter break.


  • Charge the battery before commissioning if no automatic charge retention device has been used.
  • Before installing your battery, clean the terminals and connection terminals.
  • For wet-cell batteries, check the acid level and if necessary, refill with distilled water (max. to 15 mm above the upper edge of the plate). Never top up the acid!
  • For AGM and gel batteries, please note: the screw connections of AGM and gel batteries must not be opened! It is not possible or necessary to measure the acid density or refill with distilled water!
  • Check the device plug.
  • If starting for the first time, install the battery and start golfing!

Banner battery tip: during the playing season, charge after each use!

Tips for decommissioning before the winter break.


  • Make sure that the battery is charged after its final use.
  • Remove the battery.
  • Store the battery in a cool (between 0° and +25°C), dry place.
  • Make sure the battery surface and terminals are clean.
  • Check the charging plug.
  • Charge the battery every 2 months, or use an automatic charge retention device.


Pro tip: Check the off-load voltage regularly.

  • At the latest with 12.50V ➝ immediate recharging.

Pro tip!

A battery continuously supplies energy if its optimal condition is maintained. With Banner testing and inspection equipment, you can check charge level, voltage, functionalities and much more. This allows you to know immediately whether and which measures are necessary to maintain full battery power.






Check the battery with a Banner battery tester

for optimal performance and a longer lifetime for every golf battery.










There are three product qualities to choose from:

1. Traction Bull Bloc Wet

The Traction Bull Bloc Wet with its liquid electrolytes is a powerful and reasonably priced alternative to the classic traction battery in the small traction segment.
The Traction Bull Bloc Wet is designed using grid plate technology: extremely strong positive and negative plates in a special alloy are coated with a double glass wool layer. The result: a cycle-resistant, maintenance-free and long-life block battery with maximum performance for many uses in small traction.



2. Traction Bull Bloc AGM

Traction Bull Bloc AGM is a valve-regulated lead battery for cyclical use in small traction.
The electrolyte is bonded through the use of absorbent glass mat technology (microfibre fleece), making the batteries maintenance-free and leak-proof. Minimal self-discharge makes it perfect for seasonal use.



3. Traction Bull Bloc Gel

The Traction Bull Bloc Gel in gel technology is perfect for tricky tasks in the small traction segment. The electrolyte embedding in the gel prevents the electrolyte from leaking as well as acid layering.
Recombination technology (the disintegration of water is balanced out almost fully through recombining the hydrogen with the positive plate) ensures that the lifetime of the battery is not impaired due to water loss.
The closed battery system prevents electrolyte leakage and the minimal self-discharge allows the maintenance-free Traction Bull Bloc Gel to be stored for longer periods of time than conventional lead-acid batteries.