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Dear Partner,

We are currently facing a period of instability characterised by a downturn in the numbers of new vehicle purchases and the growing likelihood of an economic slowdown. However, thanks to the high quality of our products and a perfect service network, which has been built up steadily over the years, we can also view this situation as an opportunity. This is because precisely in times of uncertainty, stable and reliable partners such as Banner are in great demand.

We have long presented ourselves as an innovative enterprise and in fact the term “sustainability” has represented a vital aspect of our corporate philosophy, not just after its emergence as a buzzword, but rather since Banner’s very beginnings. This is one reason, why for many years we have worked intensively on the creation of sustainable, environment-friendly starter batteries that represent a significant contribution to the mobility of tomorrow.

Banner has put its faith in a closed product cycle that extends from the manufacturing process to recycling and with regard to environmental impact seeks to achieve continual improvements, minimisation and prevention. 



The nucleus of the production process is formed by the employment of recycled lead and owing to the use of innovative manufacturing techniques Banner batteries have a recycling ratio of almost 100 per cent. As a result, our products possess the highest collection rate of all the recyclable goods on the market and even outstrip glass or paper.


However, we are not content to rest on our laurels and instead continue to apply a systematic focus to these issues in order to put additional potential to intelligent use. For example, just recently innovative solutions such as combined transports in the logistics field and strategies for a reduction in CO2 levels during production have been implemented. Furthermore, we spend several million euros annually on environmental protection measures that include the reduction and avoidance of emissions and noise, as well as investments in work safety.

We are grateful for the fact that with our strong team we are very well equipped to deal with the unstable times that are now imminent. Accordingly, we would like to take this opportunity to thank not only our employees, but also our suppliers, partners and customers for their loyalty and commitment. 


We are convinced that we will once again emerge from this turbulent interlude even stronger and continue to progress with our familiar buffalo power!



Andreas Bawart Thomas Bawart
Commercial CEO Technical CEO