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Menzi Muck Schreitbagger, Banner Running Bull AGM Batterien
Menzi Muck - Ruck Zuck.
Walking excavators powered by Banner.
Walking, or spider, excavators are construction industry machines that are employed in terrain that is relatively inaccessible such as forests, steep mountainsides and ski slopes.
The walking excavator was invented in 1966 by the 69-year-old Swiss manufacturer, Ernst Menzi, who marketed the idea via his company Menzi Muck. The name “Muck” was adopted as a reference to the German fairy tale character “Muck, the man who’s small, but can do it all.” Initially, the machines were of very simple design and offered few comforts, as confirmed by an article in the “ Neue Zürcher Zeitung” from the end of the 1960s, which described the excavator as, “A digger with spindly legs and the charm of a badly-lit telephone box.”

Today, the Menzi Muck walking excavator owes its international success to a wealth of innovative details. These include its sophisticated high-tech chassis and the patented digger boom, as well as the various hydraulic cylinders that enable the all-rounder to match its wheels and supports to any terrain. This is the reason why in some countries, the walking excavator is known as a spider excavator.

In tracked excavators, the tipping edge is fixed, however in the case of the Menzi Muck this can be altered in line with the working operation by means of the adjustable wheel and claw supports. It is thus possible that lifting and breakout can be achieved, which are unobtainable with a standard tracked excavator. In fact, a 9.5t Menzi Muck offers the same output as a 20 t tracked excavator.

Owing to the extremely high vibration levels and the special installation position, Banner Running Bull AGM batteries are being used increasingly to start the engine of the Menzi Muck and supply its electrical system.
Running Bull EFB, EFB Batterien, Start Stopp Batterien
K-Tipp 2016 battery test
Test victory for the Running Bull EFBI
In the latest battery test to be completed by the Swiss consumer journal "K-Tipp" in cooperation with experts from the Fakt Heimertingen specialist laboratory in Germany, the Banner Running Bull EFB 570 00 received a top "very good" rating. The key to the durability of the battery is provided by twice the cyclical life life of conventionl starter batteries and ist robust design.
The Running Bull EFB 570 00 battery type won this comparative test with an overall result of 5.8 points and thus clearly relegated leading competitive products such as Moll to the ranks of the runners-up. With a mark of 5.6 points, the Banner battery achieved by far the highest score of all the products in the wear category (50 per cent of the overall rating). Precisely twice the cyclical service life of the standard starter batteries in the comparative study and the Running Bull’s robust design are the key to its enhanced durability.

Banner achieved a maximum 6-point mark in both the "cold start behaviour" category (40 per cent of the overall rating) and "discharge time" (10 per cent of the overall rating), The carbon particles in the EFB battery ensure the high conductivity Level of the active mass and higher power intake. As a result, the time required for charging is far shorter than that needed by standard batteries.

Asked about this result, Banner's Commercial CEO, Andreas Bawart, commented: "We are very pleased by the victory of the Running Bull EFB in the test held by the Swiss K-Tipp consumer journal. For us, it represents further evidence of the fact that we manufacture products with proven quality and especially in the modern start/stop battery segment constitute a market leader.
Ruderboot, Frauen-Achter, RV Wiking Linz
The RV Wiking Linz women's eight is powered by Banner!
Gliding over water.
Rowing? Isn't that boring? And doesn't it merely make one's arms tired? Naturally, such questions are a matter of opinion. However, in fact it is not easy to find another sport that gently stretches every muscle group to such a degree and can be enjoyed by anyone from the age of eight to eighty.
Reasons enough for the Banner buffalo to add its beef to the women's racing eight of RV Wiking Linz.

Prior to the summer break, this crew contested three of five races in Frankfurt, Münster and Hamburg, and did extremely well in what were tough competitions.

Accordingly, the Banner buffalo would like to wish the eight further sporting success and always sufficient water under its keel.