Leonding, 01.09.2021. The Austrian battery specialist Banner has compiled a list of the most important tips in order to prevent starting problems, ensure full power at all times and achieve a marked increase in both performance and service life.   



1. Active and mobile

A battery that remains inactive for a longer period will discharge. Lead sulphate gathers on the lead plates and thereby hinders the current flow. This results in a loss of battery capacity and cold starting performance, which are problems that can be rectified by a charging device such as the Banner Accucharger. This keeps the battery active and thus prevents sulphation. 


2. Cleanliness is essential

The upper surface of the battery should be kept clean and dry because moisture in the engine compartment leads to leakage current, which consumes energy. The best solution is wiping with an anti-static cloth, as this minimises the risk of an electrostatic discharge. So-called enhancing agents should be avoided!    


3. Safe and sound through the winter

Cold reduces a battery’s starting performance. A painful fact, that above all in winter, some drivers discover for themselves. Therefore, in order to improve cold start behaviour, all additional consumers such as blowers or heating should only be turned on once the engine is running. Conversely, consumers should be switched off before the engine is shut down.      


4. An extra portion of power

Summer heat and sub-zero temperatures, additional electrical consumers, numerous drives in economy mode, frequent short trips and stop-and-go traffic generally add up to one thing for a vehicle. Namely, a greater energy requirement than can be generated and recharged by the dynamo. Consequently, the battery is permanently discharged and therefore treating it to an extra portion of externally charged power with a Banner Accucharger is to be recommended. Moreover, if this is carried out before the first winter chills, the battery will respond handsomely.

5. Convertibles in hibernation

If a vehicle is not driven for quite some time, as is frequently the case with convertibles during the winter, the battery has to be brought safely through the cold. It must be stored in a dry, cool place that is frost-free and at the latest recharged when the open-circuit voltage falls to 12.5V. In this regard, a Banner Accucharger can provide regular, equalising charges and their retention, which means that it is ideally suited to the maintenance of seasonally operated vehicles.    


6. Assisted starting is OK, when done correctly!

A well-maintained Banner battery can be relied upon and therefore should mean that assisted starting is unnecessary. However, if an unlucky situation arises or a neighbour has trouble starting, reliable help is simply essential. The only question is how? Basically, only batteries with the same nominal voltage, i.e. identical volt numbers should be connected. In addition, the engines of both vehicles must be switched off prior to terminal connection.  Firstly, the positive terminal of the vehicle requiring assistance must be connected to that of the donor vehicle with the red cable.  Subsequently, using the black cable, the negative terminal of the donor vehicle is to be connected to the blank metallic point on the vehicle needing assistance, away from the battery.  The vehicle requiring assistance should then be started for a maximum of 15 seconds during which time the donor vehicle may not be started. Terminal disconnection then takes place in the reverse sequence. As an alternative, anyone wishing to prevent possible voltage peaks, which sometimes occur in the course of car-to-car, assisted starting during disconnection and may damage the vehicle electronics, can use the Banner Booster starting device.  Then whatever happens, one is undoubtedly on the safe side!  



Photo: Better safe than sorry! Use of a Banner Booster prevents the voltage peaks, which can occur during car-to-car assisted starting!


Additional photo material is available from the download center under https://www.bannerbatterien.com/Downloadcenter 

Photo credit: © Banner, reprints free of charge. Specimen copy requested.

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