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Charger HF Basic

12 Volt

12 Volt
item number: 043610
Fits the following applications

Banner HF BASIC chargers
The universal charger

The Banner HF BASIC charger is a proven device for both industrial and leisure purposes, as evidenced by its great success in the commercial cleaning and golf segments. Indeed, leading manufacturers of cleaning machines and golf vehicles are already using the Banner HF BASIC charger.

Applications: cleaning machines, wheelchairs, golf vehicles, e-scooters, disability vehicles, etc.

Product highlights


  • HF technology
  • Charging process controlled by microprocessor
  • Energy efficient (> 90% device efficiency level)
  • Flexible charging characteristics for wet, GEL and AGM batteries
  • Smoothing out of mains voltage fluctuations
  • Protection against polarity reversal and short-circuiting
  • LED display
  • and many more besides

Battery voltage:

12 Volt

Input voltage:

110 - 240Vac S

IP grade:












Art. no.



Type  Kg 

Battery capacity

(Ah) C5

Battery capacity

(Ah) C5

Battery capacity

(Ah) C5

8-9 hours

charging time

10-12 hours

charging time

11-14 hours

charging time

0436100100 13 A10 1,5   100-130 Ah 70-110 Ah
0436101100 20 A6 2,2 95 - 120 Ah 120 - 195 Ah 110 - 170 Ah
0436101300 30 A6 2,2 145 - 180 Ah 200 - 280 Ah 170 - 250 Ah

Charging times may vary by +/- 30 minutes.

All charging times at an ambient temperature of 27 °C.


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