In most countries, only electric cars that can be charged from the mains (e.g. BEV Battery Electric Vehicle or PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) are considered electric cars and are therefore eligible for subsidies or benefits such as the eco-rebate!


Electric and hybrid cars are becoming increasingly important for the parts trade and the workshop!


Growth is further hyped by government programmes such as the environmental bonus, innovation bonus, sales bonus, driving bans for combustion vehicles in large conurbations or, for example, EU requirements for clean air. According to various automotive studies, every third new car registration in Europe could be an electric car by 2030. 


The pure electric cars (BEV Battery Electric Vehicle) may lead to slightly declining sales in the workshop sector and parts trade. Nevertheless, please bear in mind that the racing models are often PHEV hybrids. These are also considered e-cars and are even more maintenance-intensive because two drives are used in parallel (combustion engine and electric motor). Logical conclusion - the repair market is by no means getting smaller, but the variety of automotive spare and wear parts is getting even bigger.


It is often overlooked that every electric car, without exception, is also equipped with a 12V lead-acid battery. After all, no electric vehicle can do without a lead-acid battery to support and supply the on-board network. Depending on the electric car manufacturer, the backup battery must be replaced every 2-3 years during the annual service. It is THE safety-relevant component. Lead-acid batteries from Banner are already part of electromobility today!


However, the influence of the current global economic situation is not yet clearly foreseeable. The fact is that vehicles with alternative drives (electric, hybrid, hydrogen technology or synthetic fuels, ...) are increasingly becoming part of everyday life on our roads.


In some European countries, possible driving bans for electric cars are being considered, in case of a possible power shortage or blackout danger!

Some current battery applications briefly noted.
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