Technical Guide with battery tips

According to breakdown statistics from the ADAC, 40 per cent of vehicle defects relate to the electrical system and of these some 60 per cent are caused by battery failure. The unpleasant consequences include standstills, waits for assistance and delays. Therefore Banner, Austria’s only battery manufacturer, has issued a technical guide with valuable tips in order to ensure that drivers come through the next winter safely.


It should not be forgotten that starter batteries are subject to a normal ageing process. However, in general drivers are unaware of the condition of their vehicle batteries, which means that an exchange mostly takes place either shortly before or after a breakdown. In this regard, a battery check by experts (automobile clubs, vehicle workshops, quick service points, vehicle component retailers, specialist tyre companies, etc.) is extremely useful, as modern test devices can determine the “health” of a starter battery in seconds.


Moreover, the best idea is to download the wealth of current information available right away.

- Advantages of a Banner battery
- Possible causes of battery problems
- Recombination batteries
- Battery checks
- Terms of guarantee
- Construction of a Banner battery
- Warning instructions for lead-acid-batteries
- Installing the battery in a vehicle
- Charging technology
- Assisted starting

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