In the new issue spring 2021 of our customer magazine "Büffelpost" you will find exciting articles to browse through. You can also download the Büffelpost below as PDF.



Dear Partner,


The past year demanded all the strengths of an ideally coordinated team and the need for excellent cooperation, exceptional commitment, fexibility and perfect crisis management was never greater. We have the good fortune to have a truly “beefy” outft, which possesses precisely these characteristics and not least for this reason, during the business year expired our sales actually increased.


Apart from the top quality of our products, the motivation of the entire workforce and the reliability of our deliveries, the weather also played a role in this connection. The very cold temperatures in Europe over a lengthy period resulted in rising demand and the prolonged standstills of vehicles due to the lockdowns frequently necessitated battery changes. Furthermore, we also received a very pleasing major order from the USA.


An autumn and winter season like that just past put many supply chains to the test and in Banner’s case clearly demonstrated that the company is well equipped to deal with such situations. Accordingly, in spite of greater demand, delivery periods were only fractionally longer.




Another challenge posed by 2020 involved the retention of the usual intensity of our long-term customer relationships. Thankfully, due to the digital possibilities available and the positive reception that they have received, we continue to enjoy stable business relations and solid contacts with our partners.


As a company, Banner has never been content to rest on its laurels, but instead has always had its gaze fixed on what lies ahead. Consequently, we are continuing to work at speed on innovations that relate to the mobility of tomorrow, which is something that we are already helping to design. Therefore, in this issue of our magazine you will discover numerous articles relating to the future topic of e-mobility, which is a major issue at Banner.


At this juncture, we would also like to express our gratitude to our employees for their innovative capabilities and untiring efforts in diffcult times. Furthermore, we wish to thank our customers, who with their trust and loyalty contribute to the fact that we are able to head for the future with enthusiasm and buffalo power!






Andreas Bawart Thomas Bawart
Commercial CEO Technical CEO


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