Various abbreviations are often used on batteries and in the automotive industry in general. What do they mean?

ACC - Adaptive Cruise Control, is an adaptive speed control =

ADR - Automatic Distance Control.


AGM - Absorbent Glass Mat, the acid is absorbed in a glass mat, meaning that it cannot leak =

VRLA - Valve Regulated Lead Acid, i.e. a valve-regulated, lead-acid battery with AGM technology.


ATV - All Terrain Vehicles


BBC - Banner Battery Controller, the quick charge connector provides information about the battery’s charging status and warns in the case of weak battery voltage. Direct charging via the charging plug. No longer in the programme


BBST - Banner Battery Service Tool, diagnostic tool features forthe safety of all vehicle data via the OBD connector. Deletes error codes, generates the BEM code and registers the new battery in the vehicle. No longer in the programme


BEM - Battery Energy Management =

BMS - Battery Management System =

EEM - Electrical Energy Management =

EMS - Energy Management System.


BZE - Battery status detection.


CAN - Controller Area Network, connection and communication of several equal control units by sensors. Keyword CAN bus: This is a bus system that allows serial data to be exchanged between control units. It consists of the 3 structural elements: data bus, address bus and control bus. 


CAS - Computer Aided Service System, an intelligent system that links diagnostic data from the control unit and data from the troubleshooting guide. 


DC - Direct Current, i.e. direct voltage.


DPF - Diesel Particulate Filter =

DRPF - Diesel soot particle filter =
RPF - Soot particle filter
These filters are used to significantly reduce the emission of hazardous particles (primarily soot) from the exhaust systems of diesel vehicles.

Banner tip: The start-stop function is deactivated during active particulate filter regeneration!


EAC - Electronic Air Control; in electric cars, energy can be saved by the air conditioning system only supplying outside air when required. The air conditioning compressor also enables vehicle air conditioning when the engine is switched off.


EBS - Electronic Battery Sensor =

IBS - Intelligent Battery Sensor.


EFB - Enhanced Flooded Battery, the cycle-resistant starter battery =

AFB - Advanced Flooded Battery =
ECM - Enhanced Cyclic Mat.


GEL - The electrolyte is bound in a gel.  


HV - High-voltage, a term from the field of electric cars. The lithium-ion drive battery is also colloquially referred to as a high-voltage battery. 


ICE - Internal Combustion Engine = Is an internal combustion engine that converts chemical energy into mechanical work.

LIN - Local Interconnect Network, networked communication of control units by sensors. For use when the bandwidth and versatility of CAN is not needed. 


MCU - Media Control Unit, the term describes the hardware behind the infotainment system - primarily microprocessors that receive information from a large number of sensors, but also memory chips and other electronic components.


OBD - On Board Diagnostic, the standardised interface for diagnostic devices. 


PTC - Positive Temperature Coefficient, is a ceramic-based electrical component with temperature-dependent resistance, which is used as a heating element in the coolant auxiliary heater. Its positive temperature coefficient (PTC) allows the current to flow better at low temperatures than at high temperatures.


PWC - Personal Water Craft


SAM - Signal Acquisition and Assessment Module (control unit).


SDV - Software Defined Vehicle, is a software-defined vehicle.
It is based on several high-performance computers combined with several control units. The software can be flexibly expanded and customised. It enables the use of digital driver assistance systems that increase the safety of vehicle occupants and other road users. In addition, software transforms the radio into an infotainment system, cars network with other road users and the road infrastructure, and over-the-air updates (OTA) keep the car up to date throughout its entire life cycle - constantly updated and improved. Innovations such as "break-by-wire" and "steer-by-wire" even turn braking and steering into software functions.


SLI - Starting, Lighting, Ignition, is a conventional lead-acid starter battery often referred to as a car battery or vehicle battery, with the main consumers being starting, lighting and ignition.


SOC - State Of Charge.


SOF - Functional state, expected starting ability (State Of Function).


SOH - State Of Health of the battery


SSV - Side by Side Vehicles


UTV - Utility Task Vehicles

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