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the complete history

  • 1937
    Artur Bawart founds the Banner company in Rankweil/Vorarlberg.

    Begin of the second term of US president Franklin D. Roosevelt.
    Bernd Rosemeyer drives an Auto-Union car at a speed of 440 km/h.
    Artur Bawart, Banner Batterien
  • 1953
    Move to Linz/Kleinmünchen in the central region of Austria.

    Coronation of Queen Elisabeth II in Westminster Abbey.
    Volkswagen reduces the price of the VW Beetle from DM 4,400 to DM 4,200.
    Banner Batterien
  • 1959
    Building of a new location on the Salzburger Strasse.

    The “Mini” is launched onto the market and wins the legendary Monte Carlo Rally four times in succession (1964 – 1967).
    Banner Batterien
  • 1968
    Banner produces its first dry charged starter battery and is thus among the European branch leaders.

    The first manned Apollo flight takes place with the Apollo 7 mission.
    At the Mexico Olympics, Bob Beamon leaps into the 21st century with a long jump of 8.90m.
    Banner Starterbatterie,
  • 1976
    Development of the production technology for welded polypropylene (PP) batteries.

    On the Patscherkofel, Franz Klammer wins downhill gold at the Winter Olympics.
    In Western Germany, the wearing of safety belts in the front seats of cars becomes compulsory.
    Banner Batterie, Autobatterie,
  • 1980
    Start of production of zero-maintenance Banner batteries on a lead-calcium-zinc basis. With this innovative technological first, the Banner plant sets a new battery manufacturing benchmark in Europe.

    Erno Rubik’s “cube” starts its triumphal global conquest.
    Austria’s Reinhold Messner becomes the first man to climb Everest alone and without oxygen equipment.
    Banner Batterie, Autobatterie,
  • 1988
    The zero-maintenance Banner Uniturbo starter battery comes onto the market and solves the problem of model diversity with regard to starter batteries.

    Steffi Graf wins all four tennis Grand Slams.
    End of the first Gulf War between Iran and Iraq.
    Banner Turbo Batterie, Uniturbo Batterie,
  • 1994
    ISO 9001 accreditation by the TÜV Product Service.

    A referendum decides in favour of Austrian accession to the EU.
    The Finn, Toni Nieminen, becomes the first ski jumper to pass the 200 m mark during a ski-flying event on the Planica jump.
  • 1996
    Andreas und Thomas Bawart assume the executive management of the Banner Group.

    In the world’s largest company merger to date, the Baslebased chemical groups, Ciba-Geigy & Sandoz, join forces to form Novartis.
    Russia becomes a member of the Council of Europe.
    Banner Geschäftsführung
  • 2000
    Audi AG presents Banner with its coveted Quality Award for 1999.

    Microsoft markets its Windows 2000 operating system.
    France wins the European Football Championship final in Rotterdam.
    Audi Qualitätsaward
  • 2004
    Banner wins a Stiftung Warentest product test! First place is captured with the Power Bull 62 Ah, the battery with the buffalo symbol.

    SpaceShipOne becomes the first privately built aircraft to enter space.
    Michael Schumacher wins his 7th World Championship title.
  • 2007
    Investments of around EUR 7 m at the Linz locations (logistics centre, AGM production).

    In Lisbon, Portugal, the new Seven Wonders of the World are selected.
    At the initiative of Al Gore, the Live Earth Concert takes place on all seven continents.

    Banner Investitionen,
  • 2012
    Banner Power Bull wins the Stiftung Warentest and ADAC 2012 conventional starter battery test. In the latest 2012 battery study carried out by Stiftung Warentest in conjunction with ADAC, the German Automobile Club, the Banner Power Bull P72 09 battery was awarded a top “very good” rating (1.4). This is the first occasion in this millennium that the test panel has given a “very good” to a starter battery.
    Moreover, the Austrian starter battery specialist also subjected its Running Bull EFB and AGM start/stop batteries to what is Europe’s toughest and most independent battery test and emerged with two “goods”.

    At the age of 25, Sebastian Vettel is the youngest three-time world champion in Formula 1 history.
    Stiftung Warentest
  • 2015
    During the nomination process for its 2015 Supplier Awards, the Daimler AG selected Banner as one of its top three in the “Quality” Category.

    Måns Zelmerlöw from Sweden wins the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 with his song "Heroes".
    Daimler Supplier Award
  • 2017
    Banner celebrates its eightieth birthday.
    And in the course of the last eight decades it has produced some 80 million starter batteries. Banner’s history has been shaped by the twin values of continuity and independence.
  • 2018
    Introduction of new technologies in the commercial vehicle segment – EFB and high current, as well as significant product range expansion in the passenger car segment.
  • 2021
    A new production location for the Energy Solutions business unit is opened in Thalheim near Wels (Austria). Around 10 million euros have been invested in this.
    Banner Werk Thalheim
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