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16 kW

16 kW
item number: 043310
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Maximum energy efficiency

Banner chargers are highly intelligent. In addition to their appealing design, these charging systems are especially impressive because of their technical innovations. The successful Active Inverter technology with the revolutionary Ri charging process adapts to battery requirements and delivers only the power that is actually needed into the battery.



  • Determination of battery condition from the internal resistance
  • Characteristic curve adaptation to battery age, temperature and state of charge
  • Optimum power supply in every charging phase
  • Demand-based characteristic curve for each cycle


Adapting the current to the battery means that charging losses can be avoided at the beginning of the charging cycle as well as during the recharging phase. The battery only gets the current it really needs. That way, the new Ri charging process guarantees the coolest and gentlest charging. Which in turn ensures maximum battery life.

Dimensions W/H/D: 647 x 392 x 247 mm

Weight incl.

charging and mains cables

34 kg
Protection class: IP20
Mains cable: 3 m
Charging cable: 3 m
Mains voltage: 3x 400V AC (+/-10%)




Art. no.:


Charging voltage


Charging current


Wet batteries (PzS)

VRLA battery

Device type

Mains fuse 

Capacity (Ah)

Capacity (Ah)
 6h 8h 10h 12h 10h 12h 14h
0433109400 80 120 670 1060 1430 1800 670 800 1000 Select 8120 25A
0433109500 80 140 800 1240 1680 2100 780 930 1170 Select 8140 28A
0433109600 80 160 930 1420 1920 2400 900 1170 1350 Select 8160 30A
0433109700 80 180  1000 1550 2090 2610 970 1260 1460 Select 8180 30A


The allocation table refers to a battery that is 70% discharged.


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