If you need a new battery in winter, look for the reason in summer. Because the heat of the city is brutal in summer. Life becomes an ordeal as the batteries of our competitors are often terribly weak. The heat waves that are expected to increase due to climate change can also have negative effects on the performance of a starter and on-board battery.

Don’t despair. It’s Banner batteries and our expert tips to the rescue.

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High air temperatures can cause the water in a conventional starter battery to evaporate so much so that the plates of the battery literally dry up. The battery becomes weaker and weaker.
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Check for a longer service life.


A battery continuously supplies energy if its optimal condition is maintained. With Banner test and inspection equipment you can check the charge level, voltage, electrolyte level and much more besides. This allows you to know immediately whether and which measures are necessary to maintain full battery power.

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Holiday tip:

Make sure you check the condition of your car battery before you go off on your next summer holiday at the latest.

Older batteries can often no longer provide the required starting performance even when you recharge them.

Also, regularly check the electrolyte level for standard batteries and, if necessary, fill with demineralised or distilled water up to the max. acid level mark or 15 mm above the top edge of the plate.


You can forget this point with absolutely maintenance-free conventional starter batteries from Banner (applies to Starting Bull, Power Bull/PRO and Running Bull EFB). Under normal operating conditions, no water needs to be added to the Bull product variants mentioned above for the entire service life of the battery.


If water loss is high, have the regulator voltage checked by a specialist.


Never top up the acid.


For Running Bull AGM batteries, please note:

The screws on the AGM batteries should not be opened. It is not possible or necessary to measure the acid density or top up with distilled water.

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