A number of technologies and battery types are optimised to meet requirements in the commercial vehicle sector. 


Tough continuous use in commercial vehicles places the highest demands on batteries. The Buffalo Bull has proven its worth over the years. But the demands placed on a modern battery today have changed: 


  • increased cycle stability
  • extreme vibration resistance through integral bracing
  • increased cold start performance
  • powering of additional consumers and comfort functions
  • increased ease of maintenance
  • better operational reliability
  • High current applications 

Technology for more safety

The surge protectors of the Buffalo Bull are special safety fittings which prevent battery acid from escaping under extreme vibrations. Reliable backfire protection is also integrated into the surge protectors, thus meeting the stringent OEM requirements of leading commercial vehicle manufacturers. 


ConCast for even more power

For its SHD PROfessional and SHD, Banner relies on the ConCast continuous production process for negative grid casting. The advantages are increased frame stability and reduced manufacturing tolerances. New grid and plate designs ensure optimum current drain and make the battery impervious to high current loads – a clear plus for full cold start performance under all usage conditions 


Flat cover central degassing – Optimised leak protection

Buffalo Bull SHD PROfessional actively contributes to occupational/operational safety. The new flat cover with patented 4-chamber leakage protection and central degassing, the integrated captive backfire protection, the safety fittings and innovative "PinFin" short-circuit protection round off the safety package. The box height according to standard EN 50342-Part 4 guarantees easy installation.


Short-circuit protection through the ESD plug

Electrostatic discharges are voltage breakdowns caused by large potential differences. These discharges (may be visible as sparks) cause a short, high electric current and can lead to the ignition of flammable substances. The ESD plug reliably prevents this.

Our commercial vehicle starter and on-board batteries:

Buffalo Bull AGM
for highest energy demand due to increasing comfort functions in long-distance HGVs
  • Robust design and best vibration resistance thanks to special set fixing.
  • Three times the cycle stability compared to conventional SHD batteries, due to active mass formulation and mat supports
  • Central degassing with integrated backfire protection.

Buffalo Bull AGM

Buffalo Bull EFB
Buffalo Bull EFB
for high energy demand in long-distance HGVs and coaches
  • robust design and best vibration resistance through special set fixing
  • increased cycle stability through active material formulation and non-woven layers
  • maintenance-free (no water top-ups) under normal operating conditions

Buffalo Bull EFB batteries

Buffalo Bull SHD
Buffalo Bull SHD / SHD PRO
for modern distribution HGVs and buses
  • extra cycle-resistant/extra vibration-resistant – highest classification E4/V3 according to EN 50342-1
  • Maintenance-free: calcium technology ensures minimum water consumption
  • Central degassing and 4-chamber leak protection

Buffalo Bull SHD PRO batteries

Buffalo Bull High Current
for commercial vehicles that need higher cold start currents

The reason for these new requirements is high towing loads (e.g. hydraulic equipment), which must be actuated during starting. The Buffalo Bull High Current battery was developed to meet these requirements.


  • High vibration resistance
  • Calcium technology ensures minimum water consumption.
  • Maintenance-free under normal operating conditions
  • Central degassing with integrated backfire protection
  • Add-ons to improve product safety: short-circuit protection, ESD plugs
  • Dimensions according to EN 50342-4:2009

Buffalo Bull High Current

Buffalo Bull
Reliable brand quality

Reliable brand quality for niche and supplementary types, as well as for agricultural machinery (such as tractors) and exotic commercial vehicles


  • robust construction with set bonding
  • easy maintenance thanks to externally visible electrolyte level markings and practical screwed connections
  • pocket separators for short circuit protection and high starting current

Buffalo Bull batteries

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