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Batterieverschraubung Demontage

How can I open the battery caps of a Banner battery?


To open the caps of the battery, the top label must usually be removed first. 

Why and how to open?

This is necessary before charging a battery to check the electrolyte level or to measure the acid density with an acid tester (hydrometer). 


Please be sure to use an appropriately sized flat-blade screwdriver (slotted screwdriver) or Banner's special "battery screw lid" to open the battery caps. The screwdriver should have a blade width of at least 14mm (maximum 16mm). If you use a screwdriver that is too small, the plug or the "cross slot" will be damaged and disassembly will be difficult or no longer possible without causing damage.


The caps have a tight fit due to the special sealing ring. This tight fit is necessary to ensure maximum safety for the user with regard to electrostatic discharge (ESD*).



Please ensure that you wear protective goggles when handling lead-acid batteries!


Before charging, check the electrolyte level and, if necessary, fill up desalinated or distilled water to the max. acid residue mark or 15 mm above the upper edge of the plate.

The battery screw connections must not be kept open during charging and it is best to close them again.


Running Bull AGM/BackUp: AGM batteries must not be opened! It is not possible or necessary to measure the acid density or refill distilled water.


* ESD = electrostatic discharges are disruptive voltage breakdowns caused by major potential differences. These discharges (sometimes visible due to sparks) cause brief, high electrical current and can lead to the ignition of flammable materials. With the help of the special caps, we have succeeded in extremely minimising the risk of a breakdown (in the event of an electrostatic discharge).