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Banner has always had a reputation for impressive, up-to-date products and the three new Running Bull EFB PROfessional types are no exception, as they are the most powerful EFB batteries for trucks in the aftermarket and outstrip those of all the other premium class producers. In turn, long-distance truck drivers will be delighted with the new Buff alo Bull AGM, which has a capacity of 210 Ah and offers 1,200A cold start power. This battery scores with extremely high cyclical resistance, reliability against failure and a long service life.

Günther Lemmerer

Product Manager Starter Batteries


At Banner, the “PRO” tag stands for first fitter batteries, the specifications of whichare also off ered to the company’s customers in the aftermarket. Fairly recently, instead of conventional products, we also began to deliver EFB and AGM batteries to the production lines of our automotive clientele. This change has now been accounted for in the aftermarket with the introduction of three Running Bull EFB PROfessional types, which possess the following characteristics:


  • Identical features to the original batteries for BMW and Volkswagen
  • Singular product design: transparent boxes / black lids
  • Increased capacity and cold start capability



  • Size H5/L2: EFB PRO 56511: 65 Ah / 640 A
  • Size H6/L3: EFB PRO 57511: 75 Ah / 700 A
  • Size H7/L4: EFB PRO 58511: 85 Ah / 780 A


As compared to the predecessor models, the price to the customer of these original Running Bull EFB PRO types has remained unaltered. Moreover, as compared to the other premium class suppliers, Banner now has the most powerful EFB truck batteries in the retrofi tting market. 

The Buff alo Bull EFB product line was launched onto the market three years ago and above all is highly popular amongst international fl eet customers. However, the demands made upon the energy supply in modern long-distance trucks are constantly increasing owing to intensive hotel functions (e.g. 5 days per week) and a higher power requirement when stationary, e.g. through cooling when parked. Moreover, micro-hybrid features such as recuperative braking and so-called sailing, i.e. at a certain speed, the “foot off the gas” trigger element temporarily switches off the engine, as well installation near an axle, all create strains upon the battery.


For a number of years, manufacturers have been trying to use a dual system for the aforementioned applications. This involves the installation of two truck batteries, with a conventional starter version for the engine and several GEL or AGM power packs for the supply of the vehicle electrical system and various consumers when the truck is stationary. However, owing to the fact that such a dual system is not ideal from either a technical or economic perspective, the AGM truck battery has now come into its own, as it offers optimum starts and also feeds the various consumers with power. In 2022, with the Buffalo Bull AGM, Banner will become the fi rst European producer to bring a battery onto the market with a capacity of 210 Ah and 1,200 A cold starting. This new premium class battery will then solve the problems inherent to modern, longdistance trucks with features requiring large amounts of energy and in addition provide extended service life and enhanced failure resistance.