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The predominant themes of the current season are raw material availability and limited production and transport capacities. Banner is also well equipped for exceptional circumstances and therefore customers can always rely upon their batteries being delivered on time in the usual buffalo quality.


The main topic in the area of supply chain management in recent months has been the sharp increase in demand for goods of all kinds, but this has also led to shortages of raw materials and production and transport capacities. Banner is also part of this global network and is therefore equally affected by these bottlenecks. Banner and its suppliers obtain raw materials and components directly and indirectly from overseas. Banner then delivers batteries to OEMs and, with an export quota of 90%, customers in the aftermarkets in Europe, North America and Asia..


Reinhard Bauer
Supply Chain Manager



The sharp rise in demand, particularly in Asia, has meant that insufficient container and shipping capacity is available in the region to transport all the required goods as scheduled. As a result, if at all, Banner and its suppliers have received raw materials and components for European production facilities several weeks late. The devastating floods in the summer in the Germany/Belgium/Luxembourg triangle also caused further shortages of production capacity. Banner was both directly and indirectly affected by the fact that the plants of supplier companies in this region had to shut down for several weeks. Therefore, in order to be able to provide its customers with the usual delivery reliability, Banner found alternative suppliers for some raw materials and components.


Consequently, in spite of the constantly changing requirements, optimum planning and the commitment of the strong 

Banner team ensured that all customers received their orders on time and in the standard quality (“freshness guarantee”).



A season of this nature put many supply chains to the test, but it also demonstrated that Banner is well positioned. Despite the wildly fluctuating inflow of raw materials and components, in close coordination with suppliers and forwarders, the company’s Purchasing, Planning and Logistics departments have yet to experience any production stoppages due to a lack of purchased parts. Banner is seen as a strong and reliable partner, that owing to its many years of experience in supply chain management, even under the most exceptional circumstances is still able to implement effective measures in order to ensure that deliveries are completed with the usual perfection.