The topic of sustainability is also becoming increasingly important in the area of original equipment.


It’s not just the start-stop function with AGM and EFB batteries for our customers (including BMW and Volkswagen) that helps save fuel and in this way reduce the burden on the environment. We also place particular importance on sustainability when it comes to our suppliers. The definition of sustainability is meeting the needs of today in a way that does not limit the opportunities of future generations tomorrow. Banner will continue to follow this principle in the future.


Harald Fiebinger

Banner‘s Supplier Code
All car manufacturers expect Banner to operate sustainably and to pass the same way of thinking on to suppliers. A Supplier Code has been developed for this reason, through which our suppliers in the supply chain are required to comply with our guidelines.

High Standards
A short excerpt from the required points: Among other things, the suppliers must increase their use of renewable energies and achieve a reduction in energy consumption through comprehensive strategies. They are also required to protect natural ecosystems from deforestation, forest or land conversion. Our suppliers must make every effort to conduct their business without deforestation (“Net Zero Deforestation”). They must make great efforts to achieve sustainable production when raw materials of agricultural or forestry origin are involved. Likewise, they must actively reduce the impact of their activities on biodiversity. We also expect our suppliers to reduce waste and increase reuse and recycling.


The 4 Pillars of Sustainability
Only in this way can we jointly achieve the four sustainability goals (also called the “4 pillars of sustainability”) – namely people, social, economic and environmental – and also continue to develop sustainably as a company.

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