The start-stop system was developed to reduce CO2 and fuel consumption. In addition to energy management and a battery sensor, special start/stop batteries are absolutely essential for the implementation of this system. 


Basically, two different battery technologies are used, depending on the energy requirement and the required vibration or cycle resistance:

  •     AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat): the acid is absorbed in a glass mat, meaning that it cannot leak
  •     EFB (Enhanced Flooded Battery): the cycle-resistant starter battery

An overview of the hard facts


AGM battery


  • AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat: the acid is absorbed into the glass fleece and thus bound.
  • Running Bull AGM: Starter and on-board power supply battery for start-stop vehicles with highest energy demand and braking energy recovery, also increasingly used as an on-board battery in electric cars
  • for middle and upper class vehicles up to luxury class
  • up to 360,000 engine starts
  • Running Bull BackUp: back-up battery for start-stop vehicles or electric cars with the highest energy requirements and braking energy recovery


AGM technology is mainly used in start-stop systems with the highest energy demand and braking energy recovery. Primarily in the case of middle and luxury class vehicles up to the luxury class, the Running Bull AGM battery is the perfect solution. AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is a recombination battery.


EFB battery


  • EFB = Enhanced Flooded Battery: the cycle-resistant starter battery with liquid electrolyte
  • Running Bull EFB: starter and on-board power supply battery for vehicles with high energy requirements and simpler start-stop systems or increasingly also used as a back-up battery in electric cars
  • for small cars up to upper middle class
  • up to 270,000 engine starts


EFB technology is mainly used in simpler start-stop systems and generally in vehicles with high energy requirements. Primarily in the case of small cars up to the upper middle class, the Running Bull EFB Battery the optimal solution.

*The system allows a very quick restart of the engine within 10 seconds after switching off the ignition.
*The cycle stability indicates how often a battery can be discharged and recharged until its capacity falls below a certain value.
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