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More and more often, predictive cruise control* and the eco-roll(ing) driving mode are used in long-distance lorries to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂2-emissions on downhill stretches.


*ACC – Adaptive cruise control, is a distance and speed control system. It adjusts the speed in the heavy commercial vehicle (e.g. long-distance lorry) to the traffic flow and the route gradient.

How exactly does eco-roll(ing) in a long-distance lorry work?

Eco-roll is an autonomous programme that calculates when it is worthwhile rolling down longer gradients in neutral. Or using the engine brake with the fuel supply switched off. The system makes the decision on the basis of GPS and topographical maps and at the lorry driver's request. Depending on which driving programme the driver chooses, the long-haul lorry uses different strategies to either consume as little fuel as possible or to achieve optimum driving performance in favour of a high average speed.

Eco-roll(ing) saves fuel and reduces emissions. The lorry then uses the energy that was previously stored by the battery. Then our Buffalo Bull batteries are real CO₂ and fuel savers!

Banner Batterien embraces eco-roll technology, with the most powerful starter and on-board batteries in the Buffalo Bull AGM series for long-haul lorries.