In the commercial vehicle sector, too, manufacturers are working on further reducing the fuel consumption of vehicles, cutting emissions and pushing ahead with the development of alternative drive systems. 

Empirical values for future developments

Well-known HGV manufacturers subject fleets of commercial vehicles to tough continuous operation in order to test their efficiency in everyday use. Automatic start-stop and recuperation (= recovery of braking energy) harness energy that would otherwise be wasted on the brakes.

The advantages in brief...

The start-stop function achieves an additional reduction in fuel consumption. It switches the engine off automatically when the HGV comes to a halt at traffic lights or in a traffic jam, and switches it on again as soon as the journey continues. In addition to the economic and ecological advantages, this means increased comfort for the lorry driver, as the engine does not have to be switched on and off with the ignition key at every stop and the driver can enjoy the peace and quiet of the switched-off engine.

Automatic start-stop systems are gaining ground, especially in delivery HGVs.

The number of new vehicles in which the fuel-saving system is already installed is around 45% across Europe and around 60% in Germany. At the current state of development, fuel savings of up to 15% are possible, especially in pure urban traffic and in large conurbations. The automatic start-stop system promises significant savings potential, especially for delivery vehicles.   

Banner Batterien is in the thick of things instead of just being there.

With its powerful Buffalo Bull EFB batteries designed for high power requirements, maximised vibration/cycle resistance, long service life and available in the power levels 150 Ah (A casing), 190 Ah (B casing) and 240 Ah (C casing).

Leading commercial vehicle manufacturers already rely on the best Banner batteries from the Buffalo Bull series as their original equipment.

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