The EU Regulation (2019/1148) comes into effect on February 1st 2021 and affects private persons and economic operators, who produce, import, market, provide or trade in explosives precursors. This means that with this Regulation, the sale of separate sulphuric acid packs for dry, pre-charged batteries to members of the general public is forbidden from February 1st 2021! In the Banner Bike Bull range all Bike Bull Classic and Bike Bull AGM are affected.


Therefore, transactions with dry, pre-charged batteries with acid packs between commercial market participants (B2B) remain possible!


Filled and charged batteries may be sold without restrictions as before.


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Especially for wholesalers, retailers and commercial customers, trading in dry pre-charged batteries offers many efficiency and cost advantages, which we would like to remind you of below:


  • Long storage life of the batteries, as no self-discharge with dry pre-charged batteries.
  • No maintenance or recharging effort for stored batteries
  • Stocking of larger quantities of batteries to compensate for seasonal peaks and fluctuating sales
  • Batteries are only filled and charged at the time of sale


If you have any questions, please contact your Banner account manager.

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