A success story from 1988 to 2018!

The Uni Bull car battery series.

The success story of the legendary Uni Bull car battery and its genial universality

stretched back over three decades, from 1998 until this year.

How everything began!

It is 1988 at Banner, which at the time is already a highly innovative, family-owned Linz company. The market launch of a legendary, universal battery series, which features four battery models with four terminals (two round and two Ford terminals) and thus replaces over fifty DIN battery types, has just begun. The battery bears the name Uni Turbo and is the first of its type, as it enables universal employment throughout the market. In other words, a new sales hit is born!

From the Uni Turbo to the Uni Bull.

In 1998, Banner presents its next generation universal battery under the brand name Uni Bull, which is absolutely maintenance-free. In 2002, the company then makes a further leap up the innovation ladder through the use of ACCUSAFE®, a patented Gore leakage protection system. Furthermore, existing customers receive improved service and new customers are acquired in a variety of sale channels.

Uni Bull – one for all!

A product description from 2002 indicates how unique the Uni Bull is at this time. “Uni Bull – one for all. With only five types, the maintenance-free Uni Bull fits into over 900 car models and thus saves dealers storage space and money. Owing to its round and Ford terminals, as well as the variable hold-down with additional adapter, the battery offers universal use. Moreover, the comfort handles also serve as terminal covers.” The strengths of the proven Uni Bull are also enhanced further and it now disposes over 30 per cent more energy and a Gore membrane as patented leakage protection.

20th Birthday

The success story of the Uni Bull is celebrated with a special jubilee edition, a Europe-wide sales promotion and a large prize competition. The sales echo is enormous and Uni Bull becomes Banner’s top seller for the year.

New product and market requirements

Over time, operational conditions, products and market demands have altered radically and Banner has responded with a modern product range.

30 years universal battery

In the course of the coming weeks and months, the remaining stocks of Uni Bull batteries will be sold off and one thing is certain. The Power Bull and the extra powerful Bull PRO batteries represent a milestone in a new battery generation and hence more than worthy successors for the Uni Bull.

From the Uni Bull to the Power Bull in OE Quality.


Banner is able to look back with pride and a little nostalgia on the 30-year history of the Uni Bull.

However, 2018 does not mark the end of the road, but rather a new start for an even better battery generation!


The four Uni Bull models can be perfectly replaced by the new, modern Power Bull and Power Bull PRO TOP SELLERS:


Uni Bull Power Bull/PRO
50 100 PRO P50 42, P44 09
50 200 PRO P63 42, P60 09
50 300 PRO P63 40, P62 19
50 500 PRO P77 40, P74 12

If, in exceptional cases, a starter battery with 1 switching (+ terminal left) be required, we recommend the use of the following Starting Bull types:


Uni Bull Starting Bull
50 200/50 300 560 08 (Box T5/LB2)
50 500 572 33


Banner TIP:
For future orders, note immediately on your personal Banner list all the alternatively applicable Power Bull and Power Bull PRO battery types as a replacement for the Uni Bull. If necessary, undertake the necessary changes to your goods management system as soon as possible.


The new top versions of the Power Bull PROfessional with increased performance are based on proven Power Bull technologyand fulfil precisely the requirements of leading German automotive manufacturers. These power packs are designed for moderncars with very high energy demands but without a start/stop system.


  • A further improvement in cold start characteristics (A)
  • OEM quality according to BMW and VW stipulations
  • Improved cyclical behaviour thanks to an optimised mass recipe
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