Longer full power and no problems starting in winter.

These tips will help you get even more power out of your Banner battery.

Batterietipps - Aktiv halten und mobil bleiben
 1. Active and mobile

Inactive batteries discharge. Lead sulphate is deposited on the lead plates and hinders the flow of the current.
The battery capacity and the cold start performance decreases. A retention charger, such as the Banner Accucharger,
keeps the battery active and prevents sulphation.

Batterietipps - Eine saubere Sache

2. A clean machine
Keep the battery surface clean and dry with an antistatic cloth, as using an antistatic cloth minimises the risk of ESD. Moisture in the engine compartment causes leakage currents to form which consume energy. Furthermore, do not use any so-called enhancing agents.

Batterietipps - Sicher durch den Winter

3. Safety during winter
In cold conditions, the starting power of the battery decreases.
In order to continue to guarantee good starting performance, do not switch on additional consumers such as fans, heating, etc. until the engine is already running and switch them off again before switching off the engine. >> HOW-TO: Testing the battery

Batterietipps - Extraladung

4. Extra charge
When driving short distances and especially during winter, your car often needs more energy than the alternator can produce and recharge.

The battery is therefore permanently discharged. Treat your battery to an extra boost of external recharging with a Banner Accucharger - this is especially recommended before the first winter cold sets in. For further tips see article: Charging a car battery correctly!

Batterietipps - Cabrio im Winterschlaf

5. Convertibles during the winter hibernation

Are you putting your car to sleep for the winter? You must ensure the battery is stored while dry and cool (but frost-free). The battery must be recharged at the latest when an open-circuit voltage of 12.5 V is reached. The solution: Regular compensation charging and charge retention for seasonally operated vehicles with a Banner Accucharger. For more tips, see the following article: Hibernating the battery - here’s how to do it. 

Batterietipps - Starthilfe - ja, aber richtig

6. Jump start – make sure it’s right

Of course, you can always rely on your Banner battery if it has been well maintained. But suppose your neighbour is struggling to start their car? Of course, you jump in to help and want to show off by quickly and simply performing a jump start.
How to perform a jump start

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