Vehicles with a start-stop function place higher demands on the starter battery used – this applies to simpler start-stop systems with an EFB battery as well as to sophisticated start-stop systems with an AGM battery and energy recuperation.

The technology and components of a start-stop battery differ significantly from those of a conventional starter battery.

Conventional battery (wet-cell battery) vs. start-stop battery


A conventional starter battery is designed to provide a high short energy boost for starting up the engine. While the engine is running, the charging system then recharges the energy taken from the battery. In contrast, a start-stop battery is responsible for much more than just starting up the engine. The various consumers of the vehicle are supplied with energy while the vehicle is stationary and the engine is not running. When the engine is stopped, the complete electronic system power supply, including the next starting procedure, must nevertheless be ensured. 

Please note!

If the vehicle was first registered after 2008, the battery has already been replaced in the past. Please use the Banner online battery search to check whether the vehicle was originally equipped with an OE* start-stop battery with AGM or EFB technology. In practice, it often happens that a conventional wet battery is mistakenly installed as a replacement!

*OE = Original Equipment, (OEM = ... Manufacturer, OES = ... Supplier)



Consequences for installing the wrong battery 


If a conventional wet-cell battery is installed in a vehicle with start-stop technology by mistake, due to an allocation error – or incorrect cost awareness – a wide variety of errors and problems can arise:


Battery breakdown

or total failure


Depending on the driving profile (short distance, stop-and-go, etc.), a conventional starter battery will be defective within a few months due to the extremely high cyclic load caused by the engine start-stop function.



Start-stop system


Selecting the wrong battery may also cause the start-stop system to fail. As a result, the engine is rarely or never switched off when the vehicle is at a standstill (e.g. at a traffic light). 

Batterie Warnung

Failure of various vehicle functions


An incorrect battery can cause a number of various functional failures. This means that certain consumers in the car can no longer be used or only be used to a limited extent. For example, the air conditioning system only runs at the lowest level or seat heating cannot be activated.

Ärger Auto

Irritation and loss of time



Possible loss of time, waiting for help, delays and scheduling problems can all come from a battery failure. These inconveniences cause the customer to be dissatisfied with the replacement battery installed.

Start-stop systems – EFB versus AGM


Two different battery technologies are used for vehicles with a start-stop function. 

The decision about the battery technology used depends on what it will be used for. 

EFB Technology


EFB technology is mainly used in vehicles with simpler start-stop systems and generally with high energy requirements. 


If an EFB battery is installed in a vehicle, it must either be replaced with an EFB battery or, under certain circumstances, with a more powerful and cycle-resistant AGM battery. In an identical housing and of a similar performance class.

PS: Minor deviations in capacity or performance during a cold start have no effect on the safe start and the optimum power supply of the electrical system. Upgrading to the AGM battery makes sense if the vehicle is equipped with a large number of additional consumers.

EFB = Enhanced Flooded Battery, the cycle-resistant starter battery


x-change: EFB



Upgrading from an EFB battery to an even more powerful and cycle-resistant Running Bull AGM Battery is possible in H5/L2 (60Ah), H6/L3 (70Ah) and H7/L4 (80Ah) housing under certain circumstances. When upgrading technology from an EFB to AGM battery, some start-stop vehicles with battery management system (BMS) must be taught the new battery. The Banner Battery Service Tool (BBST) is ideal for this. 

If you have any questions, please contact your Banner customer service representative, your Banner sales partner or contact us directly online.

AGM Technology


This technology is primarily used for cars with start-stop systems with energy recovery and high energy requirements. 


If an AGM battery is installed as standard in a vehicle, it must be replaced by an AGM battery. In an identical housing and of a similar performance class.

PS: Minor deviations in capacity or performance during a cold start have no effect on the safe start and the optimum power supply of the electrical system. 

AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat, the acid is absorbed in a glass mat, meaning that it cannot leak


x-change: AGM

Banner tip:

Use the next largest battery for your car; there is usually enough space for this. Since these have additional power reserves for your vehicle. The difference in price is usually extremely small and your vehicle alternator is designed for it.


You can use our online battery search to find out more information about the upgrading options for your vehicle.

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