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NYHED! Energy Bull DUAL POWER batterisortiment tilgængeligt - 6 racertyper i programmet!

  • Batterityper i boks H5 / L2, H6 / L3, H8 / L5 -> vedligeholdelsesfri, batterityper i boks A, B, C -> vedligeholdelsesvenlig
  • Gennemsigtig boks gør det muligt at kontrollere elektrolytniveauet
  • 4K-låg (boks H5 / L2, H6 / L3, H8 / L5) og sikkerhedsforskruninger (boks A, B, C) sikrer lækage og driftssikkerhed
  • Let at fylde takket være kulstofadditiver i panelmaterialet
  • Vibrationsresistent takket være bundlimning af pladerne
  • Højere cyklusstabilitet end et startbatteri
  • Optimeret kapacitet - ideel til cykliske belastninger
  • Solide koldstartsværdier - velegnet til de fleste startapplikationer
  • Produktforbedring på samme prisniveau
HOW TO: Recharge car battery with Banner Accucharger 6A Recovery
Battery tips for commercial vehicles
For constant full power and a long service life
Spring is the ideal moment for a battery check in combination with external equalisation charging. Therefore, the starter specialist Banner is pleased to provide the following key tips for extended battery life.

Leonding, 2 March 2020. Andreas Bawart, Banner’s Commercial CEO, hits the nail on the head when he states that, “Frequent short trips during distribution transports, irregular driving profiles in combination with stop-and-go traffic, daily cold starts in generally icy winter temperatures and additional electrical consumers such as seat and stationary heating in long-haul trucks all serve to gradually reduce battery energy levels.” This means that as compared to their counterparts in cars, truck batteries are discharged more frequently and therefore the Banner CEO recommends that at the latest, batteries should be recharged externally when tyres are changed in spring. Moreover, against this background, it is important that the batteries are recharged externally at least twice annually. Should this not be the case, the open-circuit voltage in a 24V vehicle electrical system, which involves two 12V batteries connected in series, may fall from 25.44V to 24.6V or even lower, with all the related negative consequences.


For further information see press release MediaInfo


Photo 1: The Buffalo Bull EFB battery, the long-haul truck power pack

Photo 2: The Banner Accucharger and Accucharger PRO ensure constant full charging

Photo 3: The Banner BBT-DBA Battery Tester is used for periodic 12V battery checks (voltage and cold starting)


Photo credit: Banner GmbH, reprints free of charge. Specimen copy requested.

Seven tips for extended battery life
Full power for longer and no starting problems in winter!
How to get even better performance from your Banner battery.

1. Keep it active and on the move.
Inactive batteries start to discharge in a process during which lead sulphate forms of the battery plates and obstructs the current flow. A device like the Banner Accucharger keeps the battery in shape and prevents sulphation.   


2. Keep it clean.
Ensure that the surface of the battery is clean and dry using an antistatic cloth. Moisture in the engine compartment causes current creepage, which consumes energy. In addition, do not use any so-called improvement agents.


3. Keep it safe in winter.
Battery starting performance declines in cold weather. Therefore, in order to have sufficient power, switch off additional consumers such as blowers and the heating until the engine is running. Moreover, turn them off before shutting down the engine.


4. Keep it running marathons.

During short trips cars often require more energy than the dynamo can generate and recharge, which means that the battery is subject to constant discharging. Therefore, if possible take the car out for longer runs in order to charge up the battery, or even better treat your battery to an external compensatory charge using a Banner Accucharger. The environment will be most grateful.


5. Keep it fit for winter with an extra charge.
Frequent short trips in combination with stop and start traffic reduce the energy level of the battery during every start and drive. Give your battery an extra portion of power with external charging, especially before the first cold winter weather arrives. 


6. Keep your convertible in trim during hibernation.
Are you mothballing your car for the winter? If so and the battery is to stay in the vehicle, then remove the negative terminal. The battery must remain dry and cool (but frost-free). Recharge at the latest when an open-circuit voltage of 12.5V is reached. The solution for these requirements of seasonally driven cars is provided by regular compensatory charges and charge retention using a Banner Accucharger.   


7. Keep a Banner booster close at hand.
One thing should be noted from the outset. Namely, that in view of the sensitive electronic components in the vehicle, as a rule starting assistance should only be given by means of a Banner Booster. This is because start assistance from vehicle to vehicle can lead to voltage peaks during the disconnection of the terminals, which can damage or even destroy car electronic systems.


Get through the winter safely and well!

The Banner Heavy Duty Tester offers quick and reliable battery checks
Battery testing with buffalo power is as easy as pie!
Winter is just around the corner and along with it that feeling of uncertainty as to whether or not the vehicle can be depended upon to start.

Therefore, it is essential to have a fit battery that one can rely on even in low temperatures and a battery check at the beginning of the cold season should be just as much a matter of course as the switch to winter tyres, which is vital in some climates. Accordingly, with its Heavy Duty BBT HD1, Banner offers a perfect device for the measurement of motorcycle, car and truck batteries. This innovative tester, which is particularly easy on the batteries, is ideally suited to intensive garage demands.

Leonding, 5 November 2019. Using the Heavy Duty BBT HD1, the charging status, voltage and many other features can be tested without unnecessarily burdening the battery. For many years, Banner has been supplying professional testing devices that are based on its precise knowledge of the demands and needs of starter batteries, which emanates from its extensive experience as a manufacturer. As Andreas Bawart, the Banner Commercial CEO, explains, “With the Heavy Duty BBT HD1 we have added a light and safe to operate tester to our range that provides quick and reliable checking of motorcycle, car and truck batteries. The device is ideal for 6V and 12V standard, start/stop and truck batteries.”


For further information see press release



PDF1  The Banner Heavy Duty BBT HD1 battery tester

Photo credit: Banner GmbH, reprints free of charge. Specimen copy requested.


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