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Nouveau Büffelpost en ligne!
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Dans le nouveau numéro de notre magazine client "Büffelpost", vous trouverez des articles passionnants sur les sujets suivants:


L'AGENDA 2030 prend de la vitesse



La « garantie de fraîcheur » tient ses promesses



Banner remporte L'EUCUSA Award 2021


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Informations sur la commercialisation des batteries de motocyclettes
Règlement de l'UE (2019/1148)
Depuis le 01.02.2021, le règlement de l'UE (2019/1148) entre en vigueur. Il interdit la vente d’acide séparé aux particuliers.

Cela concernera toutes les Bike Bull Classic, Bike Bull AGM et Garden Bull livrées avec un pack d'acide.


Le commerce de batteries sèches préchargées avec packs acide séparés en B&B est toujours possible.


Les batteries remplies et chargées peuvent être vendues comme auparavant sans restrictions


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Battery tips for commercial vehicles
For constant full power and a long service life
Spring is the ideal moment for a battery check in combination with external equalisation charging. Therefore, the starter specialist Banner is pleased to provide the following key tips for extended battery life.

Leonding, 2 March 2020. Andreas Bawart, Banner’s Commercial CEO, hits the nail on the head when he states that, “Frequent short trips during distribution transports, irregular driving profiles in combination with stop-and-go traffic, daily cold starts in generally icy winter temperatures and additional electrical consumers such as seat and stationary heating in long-haul trucks all serve to gradually reduce battery energy levels.” This means that as compared to their counterparts in cars, truck batteries are discharged more frequently and therefore the Banner CEO recommends that at the latest, batteries should be recharged externally when tyres are changed in spring. Moreover, against this background, it is important that the batteries are recharged externally at least twice annually. Should this not be the case, the open-circuit voltage in a 24V vehicle electrical system, which involves two 12V batteries connected in series, may fall from 25.44V to 24.6V or even lower, with all the related negative consequences.


For further information see press release MediaInfo


Photo 1: The Buffalo Bull EFB battery, the long-haul truck power pack

Photo 2: The Banner Accucharger and Accucharger PRO ensure constant full charging

Photo 3: The Banner BBT-DBA Battery Tester is used for periodic 12V battery checks (voltage and cold starting)


Photo credit: Banner GmbH, reprints free of charge. Specimen copy requested.