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Can I change the degassing side of a Banner battery?
Yes, in the case of many battery types.
The Power Bull Europa types (total heights 175 or 190 mm), as well as the Running Bull AGM and EFB batteries have an opening for the central degassing connection in the battery lid, which is either on the left-hand side (-terminal side in batteries with connection 0) or on the right (+terminal side in batteries with connection 0).

If in your case, the side of the degassing opening is unsuitable, the white plug can be removed, but must then be reinserted on the other side in the degasification duct (in order to prevent the escape of oxyhydrogen gas).


In order to remove the plug, please use a wood screw with a diameter of approx. 5 mm. There is no need for concern, as the plug cannot be pushed into the battery. 


P.S. The Starting Bull Europa types (total heights 175 or 190 mm) have an opening for the central degassing connection on the right-hand side (+terminal side in batteries with connection 0, -terminal side with connection 1). Please note that no change of degassing side is possible.   
The current installation situation in brief:
For all the batteries in the latest BMW and Mercedes-Benz vehicles, degassing is on the + terminal side and therefore on the right in the case of batteries with connection 0. 
In currently manufactured VW Group vehicles all batteries are degassed on the - terminal side and therefore on the left in the case of batteries with connection 0.
PDF GB instructions for starter batteries     will follow shortly 

When installing a Banner battery in the interior/passenger compartment must I use a degassing hose?
Yes, always!
We prescribe the obligatory employment of a degassing hose (Part Number 1030001700 with a hose length of 90 cm including an elbow) when installing all types of lead-acid battery in the interior/passenger compartment.

Some vehicles are equipped with a degassing hose with an angled elbow to drain off the battery gases. If this applies to a vehicle, the hose must be inserted into the appropriate vent opening of the battery via the elbow. If a degassing opening is present on the other side, it must be closed with a closing plug!
In case of replacement of closing plugs/stoppers for battery degassing or degassing hose, please contact your Banner sales partner/sales consultant.


For your own safety, please constantly employ protective eyewear when handling lead-acid batteries.


PDF GB instructions for starter batteries      will follow shortly

Banner Recyclingkreislauf
With its pioneering recycling loop, Banner is fully focused on the mobility of tomorrow.
- Banner guarantees a closed recycling loop from production to re-processing
- Lead-acid batteries demonstrate a higher recycling capacity than glass and paper
- Banner invests some EUR 2 million annually in environmental protection
- Banner start-stop batteries are making a major contribution to fuel savings
- Banner is facing the challenges posed by the mobility of tomorrow
- Having spent over EUR 50 million at the Leonding location since 2011, Banner is currently continuing to pursue its ambitious Investment programme with a further EUR 15 million

Banner’s responsible business approach is clearly demonstrated by its EFB* and AGM** technologies, which are employed in conjunction with so-called micro-hybrid systems and straightforward start-stop applications. Moreover, a ground-breaking recycling loop, which facilitates the reemployment of every used battery, constitutes a benchmark with regard to resource protection and sustainability. Start-stop batteries make a decisive contribution to the environmental
compatibility of motor vehicles. In the 2016/17 financial year alone, they provided fuel savings of around 66 million litres and a reduction in CO2 emissions of some 164,000 t.


* EFB = Enhanced Flooded Battery, the cycle resistant starter battery.
** AGM = Absorbent Glass Mat, which absorbs the battery acid and thus binds it in.


Further information see pdf-documents.

PDF MediaInfo



PDF Banner starter batteries for start-stop vehicles

PDF Banner production *

PDF The Banner battery recycling loop

PDF Andreas Bawart, the Banner GmbH Commercial CEO *

*Pictures 2 and 4: © Andreas Wenter/ Permanent Moment