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Merry X-Mas. Happy New Year!
Merry Christmas from Austria and a successful New Year 2018!
The Internet team is taking a festive break from December 19, 2017 until January 5, 2018. However, strengthened by sweet Christmas goodies and a "short time out", we will again be at your service on January 8, 2018.

On this occasion, we would like to thank you for the pleasant co-operation and wish you a recuperative holiday that will provide you with inspiration for a wealth of new ideas in the coming year.

Banner is 80-years-young.
And already facing up to the mobility of tomorrow,
Since its foundation, the company has manufactured some 80 million batteries.
- The Banner location in Leonding has been in operation for sixty years.
- An ambitious, company investment programme has seen the spending of over EUR 50 million on the Leonding plant in the past six years and the outlay of a further EUR 15 million for an ongoing, capacity enlargement project.
- Banner is an important employer with 520 of its 800-strong workforce located in Leonding. Moreover, a double-digit increase in personnel numbers planned for the coming years.
- The e-mobility trend offers enormous growth opportunities.
- Lead-acid batteries are entirely recyclable and Banner guarantees a closed
recycling loop from production to reprocessing.
- 2016/2017 was a successful financial year for the company with sales revenues of EUR 272 million and 4.5 million starter batteries sold.

80 years of Banner and 80 million batteries.
Artur Bawart founded the Banner company in Rankweil (Vorarlberg/Austria) during 1937. Subsequently, production in Upper Austria commenced in 1953 and the existing location in Leonding became operative in 1959. Banner has been Austria’s only starter battery manufacturer since 2004 and the Bawart family remain the company’s sole owners with
Andreas Bawart (Commercial CEO) and Thomas Bawart (Technical CEO) as its executive management. This year, the company celebrates its eightieth birthday and in the course of the last eight decades it has produced some 80 million starter batteries. One million batteries were first produced and sold within twelve months during 1992/93 financial year and from its foundation until today, Banner’s history has been shaped by the twin values of continuity and independence.


Further information see pdf-documents.


Image above - The Banner executive management: Andreas Bawart, Commercial CEO (r.) and
Thomas Bawart, Technical CEO (l.)


PDF MediaInfo


PDF Banner vehicle starter batteries then and now.

Accucharger, Ladegeräte, Lader, Erhaltungsladegeräte
Charging car battery - that´s how it works!
Battery-tip: Charging inside the vehicle.
That´s how you do it right!
– Before charging, check the electrolyte level and top up if necessary with
deionized or distilled water to the maximum acid level mark or to 15 mm above the upper edge of the plates.

– Batteries must only be charged with direct current. Connect the positive (+) battery terminal to the positive (+) terminal of the charger, and the negative (-) battery terminal to the negative (-) terminal of the charger.
– Do not switch on the charger until after the battery has been connected. When charging is finished, switch off the charger before disconnecting the battery.
– It is recommended that the charging current be equal to one tenth of the capacity. (e.g. 44 Ah divided by 10 = 4.4 A charging current)
– The temperature of the acid must not exceed 55 °C during charging. If the temperature rises above 55 °C, the charging process must be discontinued.
– Charging is finished if the current drops to 0 or stops falling, or if the automatic charger switches off.
– Charging must be performed in a well-ventilated room.

Caution: Detonating gas is formed during charging! Fires, sparks, open flames and smoking are strictly prohibited!


Running Bull AGM/BackUp: Only recharge with a voltage controlled Banner Accucharger (max. 14,8V)! The use of standard, non-voltage controlled chargers will destroy the battery through overloading and cause the electrolyte to escape!


Further valuable tips regarding Banner batteries in compact form - see Technical Guide (page 46 charging tips).


Giving a jump start - that´s how it works!
Battery-tip: Giving a jump start.
That´s how you do it right!
You can always rely on a well-maintained Banner battery, but what happens when a neighbour has starting problems? You naturally want to help and provide quick and simple assistance.

However, one thing should be noted from the outset. Namely, that in view of the sensitive electronic components in the vehicle, as a rule starting assistance should only be given by means of a Banner Booster. This is because start assistance from vehicle to vehicle can lead to voltage peaks during the disconnection of the terminals, which can damage or even destroy car electronic systems.


Therefore, it is essential that the following procedure be strictly observed when using starter cables!
– Standardised starter cables (e.g. in accordance with DIN 72 553) should always be used when giving starting assistance.
– Observe the instructions for the use of the starter cables.
– Only connect batteries with the same nominal voltage.
– When connecting the terminals, switch off both vehicle engines!
First connect the two positive terminals (1) with (2). Then connect the negative terminal of the assisting vehicle (3) with (4), the blank metallic point on the vehicle requiring assistance, away from the battery. (Observe the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.)
– Now start the vehicle needing assistance for a maximum of 15 seconds. Do not start the assisting vehicle.
– When disconnecting the terminals, remove the cables in the reverse sequence to the above.


PS: The car battery is not always installed in the engine compartment, but can also be located in the interior/passenger compartment or luggage compartment. The procedure of the jump start remains unchanged!


PDF Even if your car has given up the ghost, a Banner Booster is certain to help.
What can one do when everything is dead? Banner Boosters supply mobile power at any time and anywhere. These portable starting devices are constantly ready for quick and uncomplicated operation. They are ideal for transportation in the boot and also offer versatility in the leisure area, as an energy source for coolers, televisions and other electrical equipment.


PDF Jump Start Graphic