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Za normálnych prevádzkových podmienok nevyžadujú údržbu (nedolieva sa voda)


  • Ponúkané sú 2 štandardné veľkosti batérie (skrine B a C) so 190 Ah resp. 240 Ah
  • Zvýšená odolnosť proti cyklickému namáhaniu vďaka použitej receptúre aktívnej hmoty a vrstvám rúna
  • Robustná konštrukcia a optimálna odolnosť proti vibráciám vďaka špeciálnej upevňovacej sade
  • Zlepšená odolnosť mriežok proti korózii vďaka použitiu kontinuálneho výrobného postupu
  • Technológia legovania na báze vápnika pre minimálnu spotrebu vody
HOW TO: Recharge car battery with Banner Accucharger 6A Recovery
NEW: Banner Battery Tester DBA
12V battery tester incl. CCA test and charging system test.
We extend our range of accessories by a handy 12V quick tester.

The new Banner Battery Tester DBA is a handy test device for quick battery tests at an attractive price. The tester is ideal for use in workshops, battery dealers and service points for 12V standard, AGM and GEL batteries.


Further information, technical data and downloads can be found here.

Extension Banner Website
Battery Accessories, Cross-Selling and Upgrading
From now on you will find an extended menu item "Accessories for cars and commercial vehicles", as well as new functions in the area of starter batteries.

- Extension menu item starter battery accessories:

For each charger, booster and test device there is now a separate detail page with all information to the article - images, technical data and further downloads.


- Extension Cross-Selling (= recommendation charger):

From now on there is a recommendation for a suitable banner charger for every battery type. There will be one recommendation for end users and one recommendation for professional users per battery type.


- Extension Upgrading (="Is there a stronger battery for my car?"):

For each battery type with upgrade option, an upgrade recommendation is now issued for higher energy requirements or higher cold start requirements. The values of the batteries can be compared at a glance.


We hope you enjoy browsing!


Seven tips for extended battery life!
Full power for longer and no starting problems in winter!
How to get even better performance from your Banner battery.

1. Keep it active and on the move.
Inactive batteries start to discharge in a process during which lead sulphate forms of the battery plates and obstructs the current flow. A device like the Banner Accucharger keeps the battery in shape and prevents sulphation.   


2. Keep it clean.
Ensure that the surface of the battery is clean and dry using an antistatic cloth. Moisture in the engine compartment causes current creepage, which consumes energy. In addition, do not use any so-called improvement agents.


3. Keep it safe in winter.
Battery starting performance declines in cold weather. Therefore, in order to have sufficient power, switch off additional consumers such as blowers and the heating until the engine is running. Moreover, turn them off before shutting down the engine.


4. Keep it running marathons.

During short trips cars often require more energy than the dynamo can generate and recharge, which means that the battery is subject to constant discharging. Therefore, if possible take the car out for longer runs in order to charge up the battery, or even better treat your battery to an external compensatory charge using a Banner Accucharger. The environment will be most grateful.


5. Keep it fit for winter with an extra charge.
Frequent short trips in combination with stop and start traffic reduce the energy level of the battery during every start and drive. Give your battery an extra portion of power with external charging, especially before the first cold winter weather arrives. 


6. Keep your convertible in trim during hibernation.
Are you mothballing your car for the winter? If so and the battery is to stay in the vehicle, then remove the negative terminal. The battery must remain dry and cool (but frost-free). Recharge at the latest when an open-circuit voltage of 12.5V is reached. The solution for these requirements of seasonally driven cars is provided by regular compensatory charges and charge retention using a Banner Accucharger.   


7. Keep a Banner booster close at hand.
One thing should be noted from the outset. Namely, that in view of the sensitive electronic components in the vehicle, as a rule starting assistance should only be given by means of a Banner Booster. This is because start assistance from vehicle to vehicle can lead to voltage peaks during the disconnection of the terminals, which can damage or even destroy car electronic systems.


Get through the winter safely and well!

viaczatvoriť car battery comparison 2019 car battery comparison 2019 - Banner rated VERY GOOD!
Power Bull P72 09 awarded as "comparative test winner".
The test and comparison portal of presented the best car batteries. The Power Bull P72 09 was able to assert itself.

In the current battery test 2019 of in cooperation with "", the Banner battery Power Bull P72 09 was awarded the best mark "VERY GOOD" and was awarded as the "comparative winner".


Here you can find the test results in detail (german):

Comparison test car batteries

Starter batteries in "Auto Bild" magazin in comparison.
Is the cheap lead battery enough or does it have to be the expensive one?
This current question is answered by an interesting article in "Auto Bild" Nr. 2 - issue 10.01.2019.

In the column "Type customer for experts" the different battery technologies, their main applications and the respective load of the battery are explained and visualized in a simple and understandable way.


Find all information at a click and a glance (german):



PS: The magazine Auto Bild is the highest-circulation car magazine in Europe!

LogiMAT 2019
Free ticket vouchers now available!
From 19 to 21 Februar 2019 Banner will be exhibiting at LogiMATin Hall 10 - Stand H30 and we cordially invite you!

At LogiMAT 2019, intelligent solutions for battery and energy management of industrial trucks will once again have a high priority. With this in mind, Banner's innovative management systems will be more strongly than ever on show at the 17th International Fair for Intralogistics Solutions and Process Management in Stuttgart.


In Hall 10, Stand H30, Banner will present the sustainable Banner SELECT charging technology with Active Inverter technology for its current product range and provide information about its comprehensive services and consulting in the field of intelligent energy management.


We look forward to your visit!


Download free admission ticket vouchers here!

Banner Büffelpost, Kundenzeitung, Kundenmagazin
New Büffelpost online.
The Banner customer magazine with the latest news!
Innovation born of tradition.

Top news short noticed:



  new batteries in great demand


  "A"-supplier and "leading company"

- Banner IS 80:

  big birthday celebration huge success


Read PDF now!

Accucharger, Ladegeräte, Lader, Erhaltungsladegeräte
Charge your car battery now - that's the way it works!
Battery tip: Charge car battery correctly!
Now is the perfect time to recharge the battery. We'll show you how to do it right!


Charging the car battery


Charging of conventional wet batteries and EFB batteries:


- Before charging, check electrolyte level and, if necessary, fill up desalinated or distilled water to the max. acid residue mark or 15 mm above the upper edge of the plate. The screw connections of the battery must not remain open during charging, it is best to close them again.

AGM batteries must not be opened, refilling with water is not possible or necessary.


- Connect the positive pole of the battery to the positive pole of the charger and the negative pole to the negative pole of the charger. Only switch on the charger after connecting the battery. Switch off the charger when charging is complete.

- A tenth of the capacity is recommended as charging current. (e.g. 44 Ah: 10 = 4.4 A charging current). With an automatic charger like the Banner Accucharger this setting happens, as the name suggests, automatically.

- Charging is complete when the current drops to 0 or no longer decreases or the automatic charger switches off. Provide good ventilation during charging. Attention: Highly explosive oxyhydrogen gas forms during charging! Fire, sparks, open light and smoking prohibited!


- AGM batteries must be charged with a voltage regulated charger, e.g. Banner Accucharger (max. 14.8V)!

As a general rule, fully automatic chargers (charging voltage limitation with 14.8V) are well suited for charging the battery installed in the vehicle. If your charger has an automatic mode with voltages >15.9V, the battery must be disconnected from the on-board electronics or removed from the vehicle. In the worst case the installed control units could be destroyed by overvoltages, the resulting damage would be enormous!


Giving a jump start - that´s how it works!
Battery tip: Giving a jump start!
You can always rely on a well-maintained Banner battery, but what happens when a neighbour has starting problems? You naturally want to help and provide quick and simple assistance.
That´s how you do it right!

However, one thing should be noted from the outset. Namely, that in view of the sensitive electronic components in the vehicle, as a rule starting assistance should only be given by means of a Banner Booster. This is because start assistance from vehicle to vehicle can lead to voltage peaks during the disconnection of the terminals, which can damage or even destroy car electronic systems.


Therefore, it is essential that the following procedure be strictly observed when using starter cables!
– Standardised starter cables (e.g. in accordance with DIN 72 553) should always be used when giving starting assistance.
– Observe the instructions for the use of the starter cables.
– Only connect batteries with the same nominal voltage.
– When connecting the terminals, switch off both vehicle engines!
– First connect the two positive terminals (1) with (2). Then connect the negative terminal of the assisting vehicle (3) with (4), the blank metallic point on the vehicle requiring assistance, away from the battery. (Observe the instructions of the vehicle manufacturer.)
– Now start the vehicle needing assistance for a maximum of 15 seconds. Do not start the assisting vehicle.
– When disconnecting the terminals, remove the cables in the reverse sequence to the above.


Attention: The car battery is not always installed in the engine compartment, but can also be located in the interior/passenger compartment or luggage compartment. The procedure of the jump start remains unchanged!


What can one do when everything is dead? Banner Boosters supply mobile power at any time and anywhere.

Read more here.


PDF Jump Start Graphic


Get through the winter safely and well!

Banner Uni Bull
30 years Uni Bull car battery!
A success story from 1988 to 2018.
Banner is able to look back with pride and a little nostalgia on the 30-year history of the Uni Bull. However, 2018 does not mark the end of the road, but rather a new start for an even better battery generation!

As a replacement for the Uni Bull, we recommend the contemporary top sellers Power Bull and Power Bull PROfessional in the future.

Read more about the history of Uni Bull and the matching replacement models!


Read more




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